Friday, February 26, 2016


So according to the people in the know, it's going to be mid 50's tomorrow in my neck of the woods and possible lower 60's on Sunday. That's why I have decided to drive up to the shores of Lake Superior this soon to be beautiful weekend and spend time in the cold and snow. The UP has plans on 3-6 inches of snow on Sunday.

61 degrees or 6 inches of snow?

Tough call.
Actually, I'm heading up with my wife to see our daughter. With luck, I should be home very late Saturday, so maybe I can enjoy a bit of the Sunday weather. So let's do a quick single image post.

2015 Stadium Clubs needs from the fellow Pierce collector Commishbob over at Five Tool Collector. With me ignoring the flagship release this year, I need to focus on my Wants lists, and '15 SC is high up there since there really aren't short prints to worry about. Love these three cards.

For my Hidden Gems collection, I really scrutinize a Stadium Club card as really the entire set could fit in there. Somehow I already had that Jackie card. I forgot to clear it from my want list. I decided that Jackie card deserved to go in Hidden Gems. I think it's a rarely seen photo that I gave it the thumbs up. According to Baseball Reference, that is either Ed Stevens, Preston Ward, Chuck Connors or Don Newcombe behind Jackie. I'm eliminating the last, not cuz of the bat in hand but because the color of the arm holding the bat.

I really want it to be Chuck Connors.


  1. 50's and 60's? Almost as glorious as a Stadium Club set!

  2. That Fred McGriff card is so good. Maybe his best card, and coming from me that's saying something as the Braves and I haven't always gotten along...

  3. I'll take Stadium Club over nice weather... any day of the week.