Monday, February 27, 2017

11 days

It's been 11 days since I last spoke here. I need to do better, not just with posting but with mailing. I still have ALL the Tis The Season mailers to get out. This is the latest I have ever shipped, and at least by now I usually have some of them out. Maybe this weekend, but if I were you , don't hold your breath. When your household finances drop almost 50%, drastic actions are made.

But enough whining. That's not what you come here for. You came for cards, card talk and humor.

Well....two out of three.
 I recently got zapped by the one, the only, Zippy from Torren Up Cards. His random drops are always a lot of fun, and you can expect a couple surprises. And there were surprises, for sure.

Binder cards started it out. A few DP and bunting cards were found. Is it me, or does Barberie look like he's wearing a snap back or some kind of adjustable cap. It's that black mark to the right of his head that's weird. I guess it's the strap holding his shades, but looks odd for sure. And when I think "Philadelphia", my first thought it of a vest design with a spoon piping on the front. (eye roll)

A few Sox minor leaguers appeared. Let's look at where each is:

Trey, who happens to have a birthday today, played for the Sox AA team in Birmingham in 2016. Decent numbers, but needs to strike out less then every 5th time at the plate. BTW, he would have the 2nd longest name to reach the majors if ever promoted, just behind 14 character Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

Nick bounced between Winston-Salem and Birmingham last season. Pretty average numbers. And for the record, he is a field player. That image looks like he is on the mound.

Scott got 7 outs of coffee with the Sox in 2014. After that, he signed as a free agent with the Padres and to my knowledge, left the game after being released before the 2016 season.

Some current Sox too. Buehrle gets his number retired on June 24th. I wouldn't mind going to that game. Zippy included both the base and refractor of Rodon. Depending on what happens to Quintana, he may be the player we build the rotation around. The Thomas was the last Sox card I needed for the Bunt team set. When that design looks a thousand times better than the following year's flagship release....

And we have reached the surprised portion of the mailing. I intentionally scanned in the penny sleeves just cuz I LOVE seeing foreign currency designations. We think nothing of the dollar ($) signed because it's common place. But the yen? Anyhow, the Fullmer makes the 3rd ChiSox Zippy has sent from the Asian Bowman release. Trust me that Nakahigashi is bunting in the top card, even if the tag is right over his bat. You could tell, though. And lastly - dig those Iguchis for my PC. Zippy graced me with a Calbee a year or so ago, so he's now tripled the number of non US cards of Tadahito. The back of the 25th anniversary shows Iguchi's rookie card.

It looks soooooooo 1997. Zippy, thanks as always. I promise I'll be getting out some kind of return package. Hopefully before all the glaciers melt and we are stranded on islands.


  1. Good to hear from you After 11 days. is buerhle retired number worthy? It's a serious question.

    1. Let's see....

      A no hitter. A perfect game. 12 seasons of dominance on the south side. The 2005 post season, including pitching a couple innings relief on 2days of rest in game three of the WS. And how loved he is here.

      Yeah, well deserved.

  2. We need you... cool batch of foreign cardboard currency!

  3. I was beginning to worry about you actually. Not enuf to get off my azz and email you but some. ;-)

  4. I love the Nakahigashi bunting card. ZZ always sends the best stuff.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the cards. I'll make a note of acquiring more Iguchi's next time. Had to leave several behind due to $.

  6. Sorry to hear about the household finances. Hope things turn around for you soon.

    P.S. The best part of Gilligan's Island was Mary Ann. I really should add a Dawn Wells autograph to my collection.