Sunday, February 12, 2017

Good things in small packages

I stand 6 foot 2 inches tall.

We can stack it higher if you like.
I only say that to bring up that my wife is barely 5 feet tall. Now, we don't look necessarily like Shaq and Simone Biles when we are side by side, but I can easily rest my chin on the top of her head. That being said, she is still the one in the relationship with a Master's (to my few hours short of an Associate's), always made more money per year than me and is just an all around better person.

While I have some large mailing to dig and sort through, here's a couple quick shots from a couple bloggers. First we have Shane over at Shoebox Legends that dropped a PWE on me.

One of the couple miscuts he sent. Don't over see a miscut checklist, but they should be out there like any other. Shane's throwback frankenset if much farther than mine, for the fact that I am not doing a great job acquiring any. Two of his dupes will fit well into open numbers on the checklist.

Rodon should remain with the south siders next year. Then again, who knows. Cracked ice refractors goes right over to the Paulie binder.

And last is a couple Museum Collection Dufex from Pinnacle. They always look better in hand. Thanks, Shane!

Next is a small mailer from Dime Box Nick? I am sure the postage was more expensive then the contents, and that is fine with me.

Queue up the Pocahontas song. I swear that Johnson is a Walmart blue and not some odd teal color.

UD made a baseball Artifacts? The things mailings will teach you. I also didn't know Abbot had one of the Studio credit Those things have me confused. While I like the idea, I always hated the execution. Then again, is there any way to make the whole credit card design work?

Lastly, just the card in the middle is the actual thing. Outside are both reprints. Goose is one of the Berger's Best, which stinks cuz the real thing is the last card I need for the Sox team set that year. I really need to just buy the thing from Sportlots. Thanks Nick!

Don't look cross at something because of it's size. It may not be what you expect, but it's still good.


  1. That Julio Franco card looks awesome.

  2. You got it, Jeff! Glad you enjoyed everything. I'm always on the hunt for a cheap '73 Gossage to send you, because I know that one's been on your want list for quite a while.

  3. Glad you could use some of what I sent! I'm sure I'll have another PWE headed your way soon...

  4. Totally forgot Devo 2.0 was a thing.