Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Love knows no date

Yes, this is a day late for Valentine's Day, but when you receive a mailing such as this one, you cannot help but be so head over heels about the cards that time has no meaning. You swoon over the sharp corners, the gloss, the colors and designs. So much to take in that it overwhelms the soul.

Enough...they're cards, bro.
And when they come from a blogger that we all thought fell off the face or the Earth for a while, but they have returned to the club, it's even better. Oh Julie, from A Cracked Bat. How long we have missed your wit, prose and vibrant personality. How do I love thee, Julie....

You must love me, my sweet Julie, when I look upon that you have gifted me.

High end cards and high numbered cards. Is that an indication of the soaring your heart has for me?

Shiny and colorful cards. Do you secretly wish I would gift upon you shiny and colorful gifts of my love and devotion?

A complete team set of 2015 White Sox minis. My goodness, my maiden, how is it I was so blessed to have someone as wonderful as you in my life? After all these impassioned gifts, is it possible you have more to impart on me? Have you not given me all.....

What? A Bob Wilson autograph? I see it now. "Bob Wilson", an in such a generic name that our love with be anything but. A catcher, because you have caught my heart and I have caught yours. And lastly, the red background, such as my heart burns for you with a passion that cannot be controlled. I am a rocket into the sky with passionate longing to be with you for time eternal.

Then again, I could be reading this all wrong. Maybe I just like the cards.

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  1. I've waited so long to hear from you Bobby. I understand you're a paramedic now. My heart is weak and I'm short of breath after reading your message of love. I need CPR ASAP. Ah dang it. I see the signature line now. Sorry Jeff but Bobby owns my heart. ;) Glad you LOVED the cards! It's always fun. I never know what to expect from you. Well, no. I DO know what to expect but never know how it will show up. :)