Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another box? Why not!

I'm not sure how many of you are as eager about April 14th as myself and Junior Junkie are, but that is the date MST3K returns to Netflix via a crowd funded production. I watch the hell out of the shows on YouTube (they are real easy to find), and you honestly need to watch one if you haven't. Manos is a classic, as is Mitchell. I really like Space Mutiny. Personally, my favorite is not a movie but the short Mr. B Natural. The upcoming Netflix series looks very promising, so I should finish up season 2 of The Man in the High Castle before the 14th rolls around.

But when new stuff appears on Netflix, old stuff rolls off. And this month. it's Firefly. Firefly has been a mainstay on Netflix for what seems a year now, but they are pulling it off April 1st. If you haven't watched it yet (and what the hell is wrong with you if you haven't), get on it. Or you can borrow my DVDs. As I have showcased in the past, Upper Deck put out a set for the show in 2015 - Firefly: The 'Verse. I have been about a dozen cards short of the set, and the boxes are on clearance over at DA Card World. Why not rip another, eh? You should get 3 hits from a box: an actor autograph, a manu-patch and usually an artist autograph.

I was able to complete the set with this box, so it's gone from my Want list. That is a very, very good thing. For those that cannot remember, here's a few of the cards I needed to finish the base set.

I particularly like the bottom card of Inara smacking Mal across the face. These three showcase the nice range of artists and styles that appear in the set. I got my fair share of serieled inserts (4) and green foil parallels (a dozen I think). But the hits. That's what you all care about. So enough dilly dallying. I am to misbehave.

The artist autograph is on a matte finish copy of a card they drew. Not a 1/1 sketch, just a card without the heavy shine. The artist is David Hindelang, who has done a lot of fine work for Iconograph Studios. The actor autograph is Isabella Hoffman, who played Regan Tam, the mother of River and Simon Tam who hide out on Serenity from the Alliance.

Box #3 ended up with 5 total hits, and I could not be happier. The manu-patch is of Preacher Book (RIP Ron Glass). It's ok - no biggie. Love the 1/1 sketch of Serenity mechanic Kaylee. I have a huge crush on Jewel (who doesn't), so this is a nice addition to the other sketch card I have of Mal. This sketch is unique, though - the card is specific that it would be a sketch of Kaylee - the artist did not write that in, and the numbering on the back is different from a standard 1/1. The artist is Scott Zirkel, who does art in his spare time according to his website. Some really nice work he did for the set, and hey - my card is at the lower left!!! Last is my 2nd printing plate, this of Inara getting the upper hand on Saffron.

Nice to have the base set complete. Now I don't have to get another box.



  1. I too am beyond excited for the return of MST3K! Space Mutiny is probably my favorite, followed closely by The Brain That Wouldn't Die. I still have my VCR tape collection that was distributed by Columbia House. Love that show.

  2. The Brain That Wouldn't Die is probably my favorite. MST3K is a staple in my wife's family.

  3. Count me in as another that's super excited about the return of MST3K - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians was always one of my favorites as well. That was the only tv show that consistently get me to laugh so hard id cry.

  4. I can not wait for the new MST3K. I have all the originals on an external hard drive. I did a couple sketch cards last year, one of Tom Servo and one of the group in front of the screen.

  5. Nice break i like the look of the autod and finishing any set is a good feeling. But I am with u, if something is on discount and you are a fan, no matter how many sets you complete u go back for more.

  6. Love me some MST3K! I'm generally pessimistic about reboots.. but I'll definitely check it out and hope for the best.

  7. My wife and I have the MST3K youtube videos playing every night. Seriously - every night! I've been falling asleep to bad movies being riffed for the past 15-20 years. Give Danger Death Ray and Deathstalker a view if you haven't already!

  8. i am so out of touch, never having seen a MST episode from any year. I've never used netflix either. so ashamed.