Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hidden Gems: From the 32nd state of the union

I've been to Minnesota once in my life. Minneapolis to be exact, cuz really, what else is to see in Minnesota? (dodges rocks from HSCA and GCRL) Hey, the city was fine, and I caught a Twins games while I was there. The Humphrey Dome was not a good place for baseball, so it's nice they got a new park. But take away the Minn/St. Paul area, and the only other reference I get for the state down here is the temperature of International Falls.

There is still some great cardboard, though, with a Minnesota touch to them. I have a lot of these types of pictures in the binder, where the focus is on the player, but a bunch of stuff is still in the frame a wonderfully out of focus. I know there is a term for this view, but it escapes me at this point. It's a fantastic look on a card. The exact moment is captured and frozen, but you as the viewer can refocus the picture in your mind and make out what the other objects are. And sure, Leach's legs are chopped off, but the other three points of his body are perfectly aligned in the frame. Well done, Donruss.

The Soviettes is a band that I actually found via a CD my son had burned many years ago. Somehow it ended up in my car and this very tune brought them to my attention. I have actually posted another one of their songs here - The Land of Clear Blue Radio. And when people think of Minnesota and Minneapolis, Who comes to mind is Prince, The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Bob Dylan.... But The Soviettes put out three really good punk albums and still play together from time to time. And they are worth a listen.

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