Monday, August 14, 2017

A Star Wars specific repack

Has anyone seen these boxes at the big box stores? I think they may be Walmart exclusive, as I have yet to find one sitting on the shelf at Target. But I saw this one a couple weeks back and thought "Hey, I need to buy me one of those!"

So I did.

It's a little cheaper (at Walmart anyway) than you usual repack, selling for just a few cents under $15. From the markup on the side, each box has 4 collectable disc packs, 4 packs of regular cards and one rack pack.

And a closer look at the front entices you to buy with the promise of ultra rare autograph cards, which the fine print tells you falls one to every 20 boxes. There were just 3 sitting on the shelf of this Walmart, so the odds are not in my favor. I scanned some of what was within, so join me in recapping the box.

As I mentioned, four of the packs are collectable discs.

They are a game you can play which to boil it down into simple terms: dominoes. Six sided discs that you place against each other to "defeat" your opponent. There is also something in regard to the color around the photo, but I am not digging in to find that out. I doubt I'll ever play it, but for a SW nerds, they are fun collectables, like the Topps coins or something.

Base discs are gray. You can see the hash marks on 4 of the sides. Like I said, a game like dominoes. Characters span from AHN to TFA, with ships also available. And what would be a Topps release without parallels?

Ahsoka and the shuttle are foils, falling at a rate of 1:2, Lak Sivrak at the left is a pattern foil, 1:3 ratio.

Black discs are at the same 1:3 pack ration. That BB-8 in the middle is hard to see, but the best "pull" of the four packs. He is actually Jabba slime green and those fall 1 out of every 9 packs.

The Stormtrooper (mislabled - that is a sandtrooper) and Klatuu are black foil, 1:3 packs and the Yavin IV soldier at his post is a black pattern foil, falling 1 out of 6 packs.

Clear disks drop in one out of  every 3 packs. Dig that Bespin disc. Notice just one side has any hash marks. From the rules, that is a free space and you will notice the top and bottom of all the discs have that free area.

Ok, on to the packs. First off, the Journey to The Force Awakens packs. Two of those. I am still building this, so with luck a few of these cards will help.

Bit of a look at them. Love the original blue borders, and those blueprint cards are amazing! The two other packs were Clone Wars: Rise of The Bounty Hunters.

The top right is a lensticular motion card that scanned like hell, but you get the idea. Barriss is a foil and the other one - it looks cool. Not a set I will try to complete, so make a shout if you want these.

My fat pack was Galactic Files, another set I would like to build. The set is based on the original and prequel trilogies only. Love that foil black and white card of the Hoth base. I don't think I have any other from that monochromed insert set.

Well, that's what the box gives out. Like I said, every 20th box will drop you an autograph. I wonder if that is really the ratio or just some type they put on the box to sel......

Holy shit. I hit one!!!!! It's very, VERY odd to see Wedge's face, but not have Wedge's name. Wedge was played by Denis Lawson (Ewan McGregor's uncle btw), but according to IMDB, David Ankrum supplied Wedge's voice for both ANH and Rogue One. If you watch any videos of Denis on the 'net, he does have a very noticeable Scottish brogue, which I am sure explains his voice replacement. But I am not upset in the least. Any SW auto makes me happy.

And now you have seen the box. I will probably buy another, cuz why the heck not. It was a fun rip.


  1. Nice hit! I've been tempted to pick up a pack of the Star Wars 40th Anniversary cards.

  2. Very cool for hit a nice sig like that! I saw one of these today at a WalMart. I'm not a SW guy but I do notice new things in the card racks. Like you I have not seen it at Target which is where I look most often.

  3. Congratulations oh pulling a Wedge auto!

  4. Congrats on the Wedge! Nope, nothing at Target yet either. Years ago (early 2000's), Toys R Us had Star Wars themed gift boxes (set like the Pokemon gift boxes these days) that had old Star Wars CCG packs and Topps Widevision packs from Episode 1...these might be worth a try.

  5. I think those discs/game are only available at Wally World (I have purchased several packs). Nice Auto!!

  6. Very nice score indeed! I've often wondered if those type of packs ever truly had the advertised hits.