Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Hey. Yo. How you doin'?

So, I am sure youse has heard about the latest and greatest way to promote youse bizness?

So like, all the rage right now? Baseball cards. Am I right?

'Member collecting dem as a kid and putting dem in your spokes and all?

Well, now a days, them's a money maker. All dese companies are makin' dem, and youse can easily get in on da action. Little sponsor money and BOOM!!! Youse be rollin' in dat money.

Nah, nah. You don't need dose big names like Topps or Upper Decker or dem others. Nah. They just cost you too much of your money. And youse wants to keep as much of your money, right? Who doesn't?

Plus, workin' with them teams you sees on the TV will cost you big time bucks, my friend. You wants to work with your local team right up da road. They wants the sponsor. You want the advertising. Win-Win, am I right?

So I knows this guy with a smaller company who can knock you out a sweet baseball card with your company name all over it. We'll even get a couple of dem ball players from the team to pose in your shop. I can call them up right now and get 'em here is 5 minutes. I gots a camera and all. We pose them in front of your displays here, give dem a couple things to hold and BOOM - youse be rollin' in dat money.

Great! You will no regret this, my friend. Let me give a call to my pals.

Ok, dis here is Mike. And dat's Mark. Here guys, stand over here and hold up dese bats. Get a little closer and smile. PERFECT.

Yeah, my camera flash isn't workin', but youse got plenty of light and when you see dis card - BOOM! Youse be rollin' in dat money.

Awesome! Am I right or am I right? BOOM! Rollin' in dat money!

(FYI - video is a little NSFW)


  1. i be rollin on da floor, laughin at dis sales pitch. you some kinda biddness man!

  2. Thank you! I needed a good laugh almost as much as I need a Mark Marino rookie card. Awesome post.