Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Desk cleaning

I am on vacation this week. In fact, I don't have to return to work until Sept 6th. I spent 6 vacation days to get 11 days off. It's been nice to sleep later. I can't get too used to that, though. I have a honey do list I need to get to, though how well my wallet wants to help with some of the list is another question.

What's the exchange rate of Chiclets?

This extra time off work does give me the ability to clean off the stacks and stacks of cards around my office. One of the stacks and stacks came from Kerry at Cards on Cards. I honestly cannot state how long I have had these two bags of cards. Better late than never, but still - step up your game, Jeff. I need to be better. Kerry sent over a fine range of White Sox, so let's gander at a small sample.

Nice range of Thomas cards. That Select Big Stick insert on the left looks SO much nicer in person. Really, If you can find one of the others from the checklist, get it. If Topps decides to bring back Gallery, we can expect it to not look as nice as that one of the Big Hurt.

In the category of "huh" come these three cards. They are, left to right Henry "Zeke" Bonura, Mike Robertson and Moe Berg. And yes, I know who ex-spy Moe Berg is, but I never knew he was a White Sox. Robertson's career? 39 games.

The Sale is super duper shiny, which means it scanned like crap. I wanted to show that Molina because I haven't thought about how far back MLB has done the pandering for causes. And before you start assaulting me, I think cancer and a hundred other things are bad. My point is don't just use pink sweat bands and bats, or blue ribbons or any of the other stuff MLB (and the other big sports) do. So much in the leagues make MAJOR money - just make substantial donations. Giving a bit of proceeds from the sale of a pink ball cap is disingenuous that you are helping.

Recent Heritage releases. Quintana is now helping the enemy. Rodon is coming along well. And Purke really likes those goofy glasses.

1987 OPC. Yummy. I love Turkey Red. Almost finished the 2010 insert set, and I think I need to collect other years it existed as well.

Lastly are three Topps stickers from 1981 & 82. I kept these stickers away from the Sale card so he wouldn't cut them up. Kerry, sorry it took me so long to post these, but by no means is related to how thankful I am to receive them. Now if I can only mail back the stack I have for you. Then again, the longer I wait, the bigger the stack gets.

I'll just keep piling cards on cards.



  1. I had the biggest crush on Belinda Carlisle. Jane Wiedlin too. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  2. I broke up a few of those weird Conlon sets that I apparently was gifted back when I was a kid in order to send out in trades. It was kind of fun in that I had to Google a lot of the players to see which team they belonged to. I found that I like them a lot more than the Conlon cards that were later issued in packs.

  3. I need to clean off my desk and take pictures . It's such a disaster lol

  4. Turkey Red - such a great design! Topps' enjoys dredging up the past so a new release is probably in the works. Hope you've enjoyed your time off!