Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Blog Bat Around: Mmmmmm....bacon

Let's take a small little break from the scans I am far behind on, cuz really, what's another day - am I right? I decided to have a little fun with a recently blog bat around presented from Collecting Cutch. He spent a month bringing awareness to cancer, which was the most horrible month in the history of blogroll ever.

You know what I am talking about.
But a recent blog post talked about linking your favorite baseball player to Kevin Bacon. I have seen a few fun ones, so I decided to have a spin at it, but in my own unique way. As we know, Bacon is 2nd to appearing in the most films ever (to Nicolas Cage), so I decided to select a player that appeared in just a single ball game. The infamous Archibald "Moonlight" Graham. Let's see if I can connect Mr. Graham to Mr. Bacon without using Field Of Dreams. I am talking the actual Moonlight Graham. Here goes:

Moonlight Graham appeared in a single game: June 29, 1905. The pitcher that day:

Christy Mathewson, who was a member of the 1916 Reds with:

Hal Chase. Hal was a player on the 1936 Cardinals with:

Frankie Frisch, who later in his career was on the 1952 Yankees with:

Billy Martin. Eight years later, Billy was on the 1960 Reds with:

Vada Pinson. Vada finished his career with the 1975 Royals, joining a rookie named:

George Brett. George also got to play with a special rookie on the 1986 Royals:

Bo knows he was a member of the 1993 Central Division Champion White Sox with:

Frank broke into acting with a small part in the 1992 film Mr. Baseball starring:

Prior to his big break in Magnum PI, Tom had a very small role in the 1996 film Midway with:

CHIPs star Erik Estrada, who have a role in the 2000 film We Married Margo with the one and only:

Eleven steps. Maybe it can be shorter, but who cares - it was fun to figure out.


  1. Let's see. Steve garvey played in the dodgers while Tom lasorda was the manager. I remember Tom lasorda appearing on an episode of silver spoons starting ricky Schroeder. Ricky Schroeder was in the movie Crimson Tide with gene havkman. Gene havkman was in the movie No Way Out with Kevin Costner and Kevin Costner was in the movie JFK with Kevin bacon.

  2. I've already tied Tony Gwynn to Mr. Bacon. Then I linked myself to Mr. Bacon on another post. This time I'll link Rickey Henderson to Mr. Bacon.

    1. Rickey Henderson played with Joe Niekro on the 1985 Yankees.
    2. Niekro played with Nate Oliver on the 1969 Cubs.
    3. Oliver played with Don Drysdale on the 1966 Dodgers.
    4. Drysdale appeared on the Brady Bunch with Florence Henderson.
    5. Florence Henderson was in Holy Man with Antoni Corone.
    6. Antoni Corone was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon.

    P.S. I totally cheated and let oracleofbacon.org and baseball reference do all of the work.

  3. This is great! Great choice of player for the extra challenge.

  4. I had bacon in my scrambled eggs yesterday morning with an English muffin.