Tuesday, November 14, 2017


In today's world of everything being instant, thanks to the web, Twitter, Facebook and a hundred other sites, the idea of a special edition of the newspaper is something my kids never experienced. Hell - I think I was far too young to even know what a special edition was. I remember the morning paper, afternoon paper and the one they would put out around the time folks left work. But the whole idea of a kid on the corner, shouting about a special print with the latest breaking reports is gone from today's fake news (or "news", as I like to call everything NOT owned by Rupert Murdoch).

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A while back, I picked up a blaster of Diamond Kings. I find too many of Panini's baseball releases poor, and that's mostly because of the lack of license. But Diamond Kings does a nice job of improving on what would be really bad images. Some day, I might build the last few releases, but it's low on my list.

But back to the blaster. Perfect shape on the outside. but two of the packs looked liked someone used one of those metal forming machines to bend thick steel into a 90 degree angle.

So I filled out the form at Panini for replacements and it took a few months, but I just received an envelope with the significantly flatter cards. Here's a few of them

How pretty is that Kelly? See - smoke and fog can work, Topps. Just in the right context. Now, in my mailer were 8 cards. In a blaster, it's 5 cards to a pack, so I was two cards short. It's possible those will come at a later date, or maybe they won't come at all. But there were 10 total cards in the mailer. It's just that the other two cards from Panini were in top loaders.

Granted, they are neither teams nor players I collect, but still - hell of a nice gesture from Panini if these are the replacements for the two base cards they could not fill. I can find use for them.

And this songs fits perfectly with this post - trust me on this. In fact, instant contest. Identify WHY this song fits this post and you can pick which of the two bonus cards you want. I read once why it would match up, but good luck finding that answer on the web.


  1. Classy move by Panini to send those two hit cards. I wouldn't have known what to do other than cuss if I got that blaster.

    By the way, I agree with you opening premise, but you knew that.

  2. Did somebody in the band used to be a paperboy or something? I want that Correa!

  3. Nice job by panini. They do have solid customer service

    1. My favorite Panini baseball product is donruss

  4. Second post in as many weeks that I've read about Panini's awesome customer service. Don't think I'm ready to start going out of my way to collect logo-less cardboard... but hearing stories like this one doesn't hurt.

  5. That was really nice of Panini to add the relics with your replacement cards. The Ted Williams makes me laugh, by Panini removing the plane he was climbing in to it makes him look like he is showing off his best little teapot pose.

  6. How do packs like that make it past quality control? I guess it's all automated, but wow!

  7. I had a pretty good customer service experience with Panini several months back. I had some high end auto redemptions that had to be replaced. It was a good experience overall.

  8. Nice apology package from panini. I'm just guessing, but there's a line in the song about a false economy, and I think there was some economic news released this week, so that coupled with your newspaper image...?

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