Monday, November 6, 2017

What I need

We all have needs - physical, emotional, financial, spiritual (for some), vocational, and on and on. I physically need relief for some lower back pain, but fortunately my acupuncture meets that. My wife does well with my emotional needs. I have WAY too many financial needs that barely make it each week, but we survive. I could use a new job, many because the stress of it keeps feeding all the other needs on this list. But for the most part, my needs are meet.

Didn't need this to happen, though...
But mostly what I need is rest and distraction, which I am taking today by staying home, playing a bit with my cards and writing a post. I also need to give some thanks to probably the people that I most need to send a mailer back, since I am easily two behind to each of them. I need to package up what I have and need to get to the mailbox. But until then, I need to post some scans.

Doug at Sportscards From The Dollar Store sent another package a while back. For as box as my Sox box(s) is, I need these cards in one way or another. I need to buy a box of this year's GQ, but I'll take your Sox if you need to get rid of them. I need ALL your Cracker Jack cards. The originals would be awesome, but the recent set is just fine. And Eaton cards are always needed, as most of my player collections has stalled with a need of money.

I need my Hawks to play a little better, though they had a nice 2 game shutout streak going. Then technically had a third in that streak, just that they were on the zero end of it. But Doug dropped what I think is a complete team set from this year's OPC release. I usually just grab a pack or two, but dang the design is really nice. I might need to build it.

One guy I really need to send cards to is GCRL Jim at Cards As I See Them. And he made sure to remind me with the note inside stating I owe him two. Jim is good people, as you see with the nice range of ChiSox, from a green border of Robinson, and bust in Valentine and a funky chrome of old Comiskey, which was names South Side Park at the time of the photo.

Specialty binder needs? Jim covered all, with multiple bunts, double plays and throwbacks.

Player collection needs too, though technically, I have all three of these. But the Post card was an upgrabe, the Diamond King goes into the Sox Box and the Pierce is a rescue that needed a loving home.

Real quick - a previous owner of that Fox Post card had his own needs, expressed on the back of the card.

Someone needed Spring Break. And spell check.

Last were over a dozen miscuts, including these sweet, sweet cards. I find humor that even though the Hall is miscut, it's accurate. He is on Cincinnati and does have the position of pitcher. I didn't think about the 75s, but is makes obvious sense the bottom of one color would be the top of another team's card. Super vintage miscuts?? Oh, do I need those.

Well, I'll stop here. Now I need to go to YouTube and find an appropriate video for the bottom of this post. I need to think...


  1. Lol...that Fox card back is priceless. And the chrome Comiskey card is cool, too.

    I think I've mentioned this before, but I've got some ChiSox and miscut cards I'd like to send you. Hit me up:

  2. Glad you need a distraction, because I just sent some...

  3. The chrome Comiskey is fantastic.
    I was wondering how you were doing after the wedding this weekend. Glad to hear you survived.

  4. Love the irony on the backside of that Post card. I hated schooll sometimes too.

  5. At some point I have a few cards to pass your way. Your on a long list of peeps I need to send to

  6. me no need no edjimencation in skooooll