Monday, June 25, 2018


pȯr-gə-nə-ˈzā-shən [noun] : the act or process of insufficient organizing

It's a mess here. Sure, it could be worse, but I have stacks of sorting that needs to be done, piles to be mailed and boxes/envelopes to be sorted and scanned. And let's not even mention the box of cards for cataloging in whatever will replace Zistle for me.

Ok, so blue are throwbacks. We'll make yellow bunting cards, the pink...
When I get in mailers, I try to either throw a note in the bag so I remember who sent them, or take the return label off the mailer and stuff it in the bag. Well, here's a couple mailings to show off. Or maybe it's one? I am not too sure, and that's my fault. I either failed to note of the groups, or I fail to remember what was sent to me. Here's let me just start posting with a single image.

Small sampling of the bags of Star Wars cards I received from Pat over at Hot Corner Cards (dude - get posting!). Top left is from The Force Awakens set while the top right is Galactic Files. No idea what the sticker at the bottom is from.

Now, here's my confusion. There are three other bags of cards. These three have blue painters tape sealing them, while the three SW cards just had Scotch tape. So they don't match. But I though Pat sent me a bunch of White Sox cards too, and since these three bags have no label/address within, I am not sure if they are from Pat or another. Maybe someone will recognize them. Otherwise, more credit for Weber.

Some failed ChiSox prospects within. And a failed Dodger prospect who became a HUGE star with a certain club wearing pale hose.

Healthy group of double plays. Love the Bell at the bottom. Great shot on a pathetic design.

Jermaine Allensworth. Barley fits on the card. And look - Brett Butler in a very odd pose. Bunting??? NEVER!

Now, all those may not spark someone, but if you sent in these miscuts, I am certain you would remember.

I do love me the parallelogram miscuts. And no, Jeroen, you cannot have that Blyleven.

So a big thanks to Pat. Or could it be slightly smaller because the other cards were from another. Either/or, I screwed up, so I'm sorry. Thanks a bunch no matter what, but sorry.

So sorry.


  1. The Wise and Blyleven are awesome!

  2. Nice parallelogram parallels.

  3. So Pat at Hot Corner Cards is still alive? Good to know. The guy has owed me cards for a couple years now and after no responses to email, figured he had passed. :P