Saturday, January 4, 2020

Scan folder cleaning, part 1

I guess you can kind of call this me jumping on another Blog Bat Around. Only in the sense that someone started it and I saw a couple other blogs that followed. If I am correct, Shane from Shoebox Legends did the first post of images that never made it onto the blog in 2019. And I at times have done that very thing - scanned something that fails to appear in a post. Difference is: I just delete the thing. I've long forgotten my intention for the image (more than likely a lame joke), so Shift+Delete and away it goes forever.

Destroyed by the Beast.
However, I do have scans that I haven't delete, for they are from packages received that never were shown here. I would like to claim they are all from sometime in 2019, but I am fairly certain there will unfortunately be cards from this series of posts that showed up in the offices of 2 by 3 Heroes in 2018. And that's wrong on a lot of levels. Punishments will be dealt out.

Let's get this over with, pig.
Let's get a few folders deleted for the right reasons. First up is John from Johnny's Trading Spot. According to the note I left, these cards are from a mailing he called Christmas in May. I do hope it was May 2019, but it may have been longer. Anyhow....

Some relevant at this time of year Star Wars cards. I only have been working on the ANH Topps sets. I might pick up the ESB and ROTJ sets in the future, but I'll just buy those complete sets. And even that is a maybe. I like the ANH sets cuz I have fond memories of the wax packs. I think I opened just a couple packs of ESB and zero ROTJ.

Handful of Sox in his mailing. Not sure what is up with that Select checklist logo. It looks weird.

But the bulk was bunting. Usually I will make note of how many of a particular binder card I receive, but I failed on this one. I have these three scanned...

And these, but I am certain there were more than 6 John sent. How about the rare bunt/throwback of Jose Cruz Jr on the left? Sheer beauty. Thanks John for that cards. Sorry it took me this long to thank you in public.

One other mailing, so I don't drag this post out too long, came from Night Owl. According to Windows, I created this folder on Jan 13, 2019. I really do suck.

I'm starting to think you do this cuz you like the punishment.

Nope. Not PC'ing Moncada. But a great handful of cards for the Sox box. The single color blue Fire does not look as good as it's base counterpart at the lower right.

Shocking to see the N.O. actually sending OUT a '75 homage card. Did any other company go as hog wild for holograms in the 90's?

YUM!!!!! Houston needs to bring back those unis as throwbacks. And a close look at Foli - those are the wool flannel version, which in my opinion are FAR nicer than the double knit polyester they switched to on '73. Thanks Greg.

So that makes two folders of scans I can delete and..... 6 remaining, plus like 5 stacks on the desk I need to scan. So that's makes:


  1. I completed the Jedi set as a six-year-old in 1983. I've never owned a card from the Star Wars or Empire sets.

  2. love the miscut vintage! I agree, the Astros need to throwback these unis! on a side note - you are one for punishment but I think, you rather like it. so good to see your post!

  3. It's always great to catch up!

  4. Loved shoeboxlegends idea. I was crossing my fingers that it would turn into a BBA.

  5. Forgot to look at the back of that Edwards card to see who else is sharing the cardboard space.

    Still don't think I have anything in my scan folder worth showing, but if enough people do this I guess I'll have roll out those 1990 Score scans.

  6. I'm afraid to look at all my scans. There are probably trade scans that I forgot to post about. The rest will be stuff I posted, or stuff I'm looking for on my top wants page.