Monday, January 6, 2020

Scan folder cleaning, part 2

Let's go back to the scan folder and get another written up. Looking at the names on the directories, I am going to post a single one today, only because I think it's the oldest mailing to display. By the way, for those scoring at home, all these scans are stored on a portable hard drive. And if you are not scoring at home, try flowers.

Many, many moons ago I jumped on a post from Scott at Scott Crawford Cards. How many moons ago? Click that link and realize Scott started a new blog almost 3 years ago. I really suck. So these cards really came from Scott at I Need New Hobbies. Scott was giving a great price on cards, so I took him up on the offer as there were huge sections of my Sox box lacking content. For all the wax put out in the years from 87 to the mid 2000's, some of those years were thin. Scott did a look see at want lists and made me an offer that I didn't want to refuse, so I bought them. I won't go into too much detail on the scans, but here's some of the 500+ cards I got.

My Hawks first, who delightfully (for me) beat up on the Dead Wings yesterday. And yes, the Hawks actually had both Tony and Phil at one time. While we got Pit Martin in the trade with Boston, we got the bad end of that deal, basically building the Bruin's dynasty in the late 60's and early 70's. It was only the Flyers and Habs that stopped them at 2 Cup wins in that time frame.

I think I had the Hull booklet, but never the Tony O. Love the 81-82 Topps in the middle.

Here's a couple pics inside the booklets. No mask. Odd.

On to the baseball portion. These are set builders. So many cards to go in these sets.

VINTAGE!!!!! The rookie Goose still evades me at a normal price. All these and more were cards I could mark off the want lists.

PC additions. Just a sample of them. Rowand looks like he is 9.

Now we hit the cruz of the purchase - junk wax set builders. One day I will catalog non Topps flagship sets to know just what I am missing. I was in the stands when the Sox clinched the playoffs in 1993. I remember Bo's 14 mile high pop up that just kept carrying and landed about 10 feet beyond the fence to seal the win.

Also - Rusty Kuntz.

Two HOF in this image. And a great One Dog snag at the fence.

Score trying to steal UD thunder with the Drabek.

Speaking of Upper Deck.... How great is '93 UD? One of my favorite sets.

Busted prospects for the Sox, though the guys in the middle, Escobar and Holmberg, have had success with other clubs. Ely had a few cups of coffee at the start of the 2010s with the Dodgers.

And the last scan....

I'm now a 1978 Topps Henry Cruz super collector.


  1. I like the new blog header. If it's not new, pardon me. I'm just getting back to the blog scene my self. Showing off those Hawks catches my eye every time. 81-82 Esposito is amazing!

  2. I like the new blog header too! And those hockey comics... and the Lance Johnson jumping... and the 9-pocket page of Henry Cruz. Corey Hart's one hit wonder? It's just okay. But as a kid, I liked that song too.

  3. That '78 Cruz always reminds me of Jake & Elwood Blues.

  4. Like everyone else, I too really dig the new header!