Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cleanup continues...

Card sorting continued into the early hours, fueled with a 44oz Cherry Pepsi and an assortment of 80's YouTube videos (man, The Breeders were cute). With my extra effort, the Wants page has a new listing - 2012 Topps base. With all I sorted, I am shocked I have that many missing and in need of some innerweb help. And holy crap - REALLY - not a single short print in the pile? No Topps loving in 2012 for me.

Well - if you would gander at your extras, compare to my needs and then electronic mail me at jedijeff13ATgmailDOTcom, we'll discuss. We good? Cool....

Abbott's shirt is red - how about a couple Soviettes links to close this post? Thought you'd see things my way: Rock --- Out

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