Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trade #2 - old timey guys

Nice surprise seeing an envelope in the mail from Nick at Dime Boxes. I sent Nick a few on his want list a week ago and Nick returned in kind with a great assortment that warmed my heart. Let's gander...
These two beauties greeted me when I opened the envelope. Hoyt gets me one card closer to completing the 2001 UD HOF set. If you have any you are willing to part, check out my want list and let's swing a deal. That Ralph Kiner - oh baby. As I said - I have been a very unfocused collector. How did I not know about this set? Nick - I either love you or hate you right now, because I believe I may chase the rest of those cards. Love/hate, of course, based on how difficult the chase goes.

Three more pretty cards. Love how the Schoendienst card has the cap logo photoshopped out (cuz the card is only licensed by the player and not the team), yet the back of the card references both St. Louis and Cardinals. UD Masterpieces. Still not sure why I bought so few packs of those (that I can't seem to find). And a nice simple pose of the Big Train.

Couple years worth of T206 and a Goodwin Champion Al Kaline. <insert obligatory "why didn't I buy more Goodwin Champions" comment here>

And we finish with 8 2011 Lineage of some of the past greats. I don't have to say "why didn't I" here cuz these bad boys are still available. I could have swore I bought a blaster of these. The hunt is afoot! So thanks again Nick.

I am a big fan of the golden age of baseball (and the years prior to the war as well). If you haven't watched "When It Was A Game", you should be ashamed of yourselves. Send me all your Mantle rookies post-haste! They may be in NetFlix's DVD queue, but hell if I can find them. Nice crappy search box, Netflix! Anywho.....three separate disks, each an hour long special that are well worth the watch. Would I steer you wrong? I'm your buddy.....

(note to self - improve card scanning skills)

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  1. I'm kind of partial to Ken Burns' "Baseball" which is/was available to stream on Netflix.