Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why I'm not fully digging 2012 Heritage

Like a few other blogs I have read, I am not the only person really clambering on the Heritage band wagon. And I think I just figured out why I am finding the card set just a shell of the actual Heritage set. Humor me as I put a couple pics up - see if you see what bugs me:

It probably jumps out pretty well on one thing, but let's focus on ALL the places it's wrong:
That better? It's the multiple marks of the beast that just make this set crappy. For all the cards that jam Nike, New Era, Rawlings, Mizuno and a host of other companies in our faces, you would think these cards would sell for a hell of a lot less. They take the time to photoshop in new unis on the Opening Day sets, but they can't block out all this douchebaggery?

Maybe I'm splitting hairs. But I feel the attempt to throw back and honor the past is sullied when you leave such blatant advertising in the pictures. You can do better, Topps.

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