Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trade #1 in the books

As I stated (I think), I plan to be a more focused collector cuz I should be cautious of my spending, some of the stuff out there just doesn't thrill me, and let's face it - I am not getting what I want. Pack opening is a crap shoot. I am not sure how I ever got there, but one of the first card blogs I read was Matt's HCOSG (ok, I'll spell it out: Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius). Some Google search had me on his page and I was watching his pack ripping videos. And then there were links to other people that talked about cards. Now I follow a dozen and read many more than that daily. But the best part is practically everyone has need lists and trade lists. You mean I can send the stuff I don't want and get the stuff I do want? For the cost of a stamp (or more, technically)? Count me in!!!

Well, after getting me cards mostly organized, I starting hitting the wants lists, and found I had a nice group that would knock out a few of Matt's needs. A few emails, info exchanged, packages sent and BAM! Holy S%$& - THIS IS EASY! Just received Matt's package in the mail today, and I have to say, he made one small error. His notes states he "hope you enjoy this random group of White Sox". No Matt - I LOVE this random group. And I totally feel like what I sent you doesn't even come close to the return package. Though, if I can expect a group like this when I say "ah, just sent me a bunch of White Sox cards and I'll be happy", I am going to create a keyboard macro for my email. So let's see how Matt handled the phrase he typed that read "I'll get some White Sox together for you."

Nice start with 3 2012 Topps and a 2011 Jake Peavy #795/2011. I just pulled the Opening Day version of that Alex Rios card, so some nice symmetry. Something about those sparkle cards I like.

LOVE me some Aparicio!  Add to that the nice Garland (older, so it has the brown back) and a floating head rookie. This could have been all and I would have been very content and happy. But we only about halfway through.

Hello ladies.
 That is a '77 Topps Ritchie Zisk sticker. And fabric for crying out loud! And I remember having the '74 checklist in my younger days. So nice to have it back in hand. Again - we could stop here and I would feel like I ripped Matt off. But there are 3 more cards in the envelope, and wow, are they just amazing. 

 Let's start with this 2011 A&G relic of Carlos Quentin. Yeah, I know he is no longer a Sox, but he had a few great years here. I wonder if this piece of lumber is from the bat he broke his hand on, ending in 2008 season?

That would be the Big Hurt. Say what you want - to me, with the numbers he put up, he is first year HOF inductee. I mean, look at these stats. People may remember him as a DH, but he spent the first 10 years playing more games as a first baseman. So this is an AWESOME addition to my relics cards. I love relics that are not a single color but have a stripe in them. Now why post this next card after the awesome Thomas? Check this out:

 That card is 35 years old. And it looks like it came out of a pack yesterday. I am starting to think like others - who cares about condition, just have the card. But man - CHECK OUT THAT CONDITION! The scan does it no justice. Sure, a couple of nobodies, but that card is sooooooo cherry.

Ok - I am worn out scanning and typing. Thanks again, Matt. I am pretty sure I got the WAY better end of this deal, but that may just be my "I suck" talking.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the trade and I am happy to be Trade #1.