Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recent openings = eye candy

Got a small package from eBay today, as well as picked up some rack packs, blasters, and my first 2 packs of hobby Gypsy Queen. Yeah - most of the GQ up to this point has been retail packs, rack packs or blaster boxes. But I needed a storage box, so I hit my LCS and well, you are pretty much forced to purchase a pack (or more) before you can leave, right? I mean - it helps out the US economy. Last few packs I got at my LCS were nothing great to open. Not horrible, but the hits were pretty.....average. Let's see how we did with these packs, as well as other recent opening.

Starting with eBay, I picked up this card for a nickel. Maybe I overpaid? I did have to pay $1.95 to ship it, so all total - $2. But I like it, so the money is okay with me.

I am a sucker for a great throw back uniform. And this baby is die cut as well. One nickel. I'll take it. Next are a couple pulls from the last two blasters of GQ I got from Walmart. I think I have bought 4, and the first two were....unimpressive. Luckily, things are improving.

A McCann mini relic (trade bait alert!) and a blue bordered Kid frame, #239/599. I was wondering when I would see one of the blue borders. Now I have, so time to look for something else. How about an autograph?

BAM!!!! From the two hobby packs, I pulled this baby. About. Frigging. Time. Pedroia really spent the time to put a nice, clean sig on that card. Ok - so he scribbled. But it is on card and not a sticker. I likey. So all in all, 4 decent cards over the past couple weeks. Good eye candy and eye openers.

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  1. Great pull. I need to pick up a Pedroia auto someehere for my collection still.