Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SIL (2 days late) & Trade #10

While I received the trade cards from Gary at Night Owl cards this morning, I have to admit I completely blew past my regular Sunday feature of something I have that I really enjoy. I would like to say I had a great excuse, but I really don't believe I did. Sure, there was a BBQ my wife and I hit, with killer food including this smoked pork, but I did get home with plenty of time to scan and post. And sure, I could have EASILY done it yesterday, as the whole day was a sit on my tush and do absolutely nothing day. But again - I didn't. I robbed you fine people of something wonderful. I really can only apologize and move on.

There - did I shovel it deep enough? Ok - on with the trade.

I picked off one of Night Owl's nebulous 9, and filled him with a crapton (that's an industry term) of Dodgers. Was only fair he dropped a dookieload (again...industry term - check the manual) of White Sox on me. He did in spades, with years ranging from 89 Star through 11 Lineage and a great assortment between. I won't scan them all, but here are 4 very nice cards.

I forget the half year we had Griffey, but those two Timelines are mighty sweet. And a Chrome Konerko that I find enjoyable. I won't push you to visit Night Owl, because frankly, if his blog is not on your nightly reads, you're an idiot. Sorry - sometimes you have to be honest and frank.

Ok - a quick SIL. Here's a fairly unimpressive player on a die cut card from a few years ago. Derek Plante was a Sabre, a Star, a Blackhawk and a Flyer in his 8 year career. Nothing very impressive in his stats from the years played. 450 games in which he scored 98 goals. He bounced around in the league, though his luck changed for him being a member of the Stars in 1999 when they won the Cup. Though he played not a minute in the finals, and really didn't qualify with enough game time to be assured of his name engraved on a ring, the Stars still placed Plante's name in the annuals of Stanley Cup history by adding him as a member of the team.

Yeah - so what you are probably thinking. A very average player on a die cut card. And yeah - die cuts hold a special place for me. But that's not why I like this card. I say we command the scanner to show us the other side of this card.

To the right we see Denis Savard, for some of the few games he was not a Blackhawk. Sad to see in one sense, but it is the great Savoir-faire!

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