Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trade #9: I mean trade # yes

Nice quick trade with los Dimwit. The man needed Gypsy Queen. And who can deny such a pretty face as his of those that which he desires (waxing poetically, I am).

The better part was he had GQ he needed to part with, and I have a GQ list that is not quite green enough (the color I choose to highlight what I possess). So a couple emails and bam - we be traded. The link above will show you what I sent, and here is what I requested (and received):

Tasty. Not on that scan are the matching minis to the glove story and moonshot. Dig all them old timers. The photo filter on the old timers works better than when it's used on current or recent players, but maybe that's me. Anyway - visit the Dimwit's site. He's got quite the needs for GQ and you know you can help him out.

BTW - still pimping my big ask. Visit the trade bait page up top for more info.

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