Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars day!

May the 4th be with you, always. Another year, another Star Wars day - a great day for a major geek like me. Thinking back as a child, while I did do some baseball cards, my real entry into trading cards were the Topps blue bordered SW cards. And I still have them. As well as the red border, yellow border and green border. though I think the red is really the only one I may have completed. I bought some of the newer offerings over the years, Widevision, Galaxies and the like. I have a two row box STUFFED with cards on the floor behind me as I type. I usually give these cards to my wife for her to give to the kids at school (after I pull what I like first, of course). She says she is overloaded at school at this point. Maybe I am keeping all these cards after all!

Well, here's a few rare cards from my collection that are Star Wars related (along with TK .05 here).

The two outside cards are 501st issued. Unless you went to a convention the 501st were at, you no get these. Unless you happen to have an in with the Midwest Garrison, as I have. And they are autographed on card too. Suck on that, Topps!!!! The middle card is the only 1/1 sketch card I have ever pulled. Pretty sweet. For a while, I thought this card got sent with my wife for the kids. That was not a fun 2 weeks. :)

Ok - go have a big glass of blue milk and fly casual!

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