Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goodwill finds

Who doesn't like a little stop at a resale shop, am I right? It's amazing the things you can find, and usually at an unbelievable price. After dinner, my wife and I decided to hit our local Goodwill and see what was to be had. She found some work clothing, all with the tags still on them. SCORE! Me. I think I found something pretty dang sweet with the #11 on it for the low, low price of $1.99.

Oh no - sorry, that Messier card is just a teaser. I WISH I could find that at a resale shop for two bucks. I found this:

Who honestly thinks about donating one of the greatest albums of all time? I had to pick it up and save it from a lifetime in the Goodwill, sandwiched between N' Sync's "Celebrity" and NKOTB's "Greatest Hits". Sad. Though, +20 manna if you clicked either of those links.

Not really a card related post, is it? Ummmmm......ALLEN AND GINTER!!!! There - relevant.

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