Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's a crap shoot at times.

Since I am hanging a bit, waiting on the release of 2012 A&G, I've been having some fun with dollar packs. Ya know - the repack boxes that have packs from the past few years. I either get the 20 packs for $20 box at Walmart or a 10 for $10 hanger from Target. Mostly, it's a lot of meh in them.

And sometimes a little "Oooooooooooo Aaaaaaaandy."

I did post about a few scores from a box a while back. Ya really never know what you will find. Though, I will tell you that you find a lot of Upper Deck First Edition in the hangers at Target. They seem to be the filler packs that are not showing in the cel window. Sort of like the hair spray and shoe polish they use to make food desirable.

Tastes like wild hickory nuts and bolts.

Still, who doesn't like a good hunt for something cool. I gave a 10 pack from Target a tear and I think I did okay for $10. For starters, how about a few rookies:

Sure they all come from the lower end of the cards (Opening Day and First Edition) but they are rookie cards none the less. That WORLD jersey on Votto looks like crap. Just saying..... But there was more. And the more gave confirmation - they have to get something decent in these things.

Ian Desmond rookie. A great Johnny Mize Chicle and well, well - a relic. Yup, the repack boxes may contain something decent. It is a Chavez GU relic, so it doesn't thrill me a whole crazy bunch, but they do pack them boxes with everything, and that includes hot packs. Woooooooooooo!

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