Monday, July 9, 2012

I have some Giiiiiinter.

The standard call that reports of A&G cards showing up a day before the day that should be out prompted me to make a trip to Walmart. We did need a few things from there (honest), and I lucked out with the product being on the shelf. Grabbed a blaster. Grabbed a rack pack. Grabbed 3 single packs. And the results???

For starters, these look far nicer than Gypsy Queen. You have the basic front design that you could argue is similar, but done much much better. The scroll work does not overpower the card, and good bye periwinkle.

Whatever....already left you a few clues inside your shoes, buddy.

I did fairly well. Pulled 8 short prints (with the Cal Ripken). And the other highlights....

Darvish mini (regular back). I like the Man's Best Friend insert set - you will see that on my Wants page soon. The food card - meh. Just the one black border. Bible insert set, also soon to be found on the Wants page. And the we have Bach. Little known fact about me: I played viola in high school, so I have played some Bach, like this and this.

Great story. Tell it again.

 And the last couple to show off:

One A&G code card and the only hit I really had, that came from one of the single packs. That's all to share. Did you get some Allen and Ginter today?


  1. Let me know if you want to trade the Cabrera. Those black frames really work for me. I'm going to have a problem not trying to collect the set of those.