Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Early last week was a day with a lot of mail in the box out front. Got my cards from Dimwit's group break. Or was it Nacho's? Hell - I can't remember anymore. I think age is creeping in. I also received an eBay purchase of a Ginter Flora card from 2011. That was #3, and I received #4 yesterday, so just a single card to complete the set. Oh elusive Mexican Hat (at a price I am willing to pay). Another package was in there, that I will show in the future. But what I want to show is the mail within the mail that was in my mail for the male who never wanted to deliver the mail, and some even question how male this male is. Behold!

I purchased the first day covers for the four stamps the day you could purchase them from USPS. Props to the postal service for issuing the first day covers out of the Cooperstown post office. While they are small, the artwork on them is well done. Pretty stylin'...

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