Friday, September 7, 2012

Fukadome sighting!

Remember Kosuke? I know Once a Cub, Wrigley Wax on some of the other Cubs bloggers do, as would White Sox Cards, My Sports Obsession and White Sox bloggers. And I'm not forgetting about you Cleveland fans that enjoyed him for about 60 games. And hey - did you Yankee people know he was in your organization too? I say "was" since they released him 4 days ago.

Fukadome was the next great thing out of Japan. I remember a bidding war about signing him, that the Cubs won (thankfully). I knew it was overpayment for a very unproven player, and his career numbers back me up. That being said, before getting the heave-ho from the Bronx Bombers, he was part of a very remarkable minor league play. No official at bat, though he was credited with an RBI:

Kosuke, we hardly knew ye...

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