Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday SIL: Fashion

Let's dive into the binder for this week's SIL. I've got quite a few quality choices. It probably helps that, in a technical sense, the entire binder is stuff I like. However, what to choose and share with you, the reader?

I was torn between a couple cards. See, football season started today (for you living under a rock or dead). Now, I have just one single football card in the binder, mainly because I just don't collect football. I think the last pack of football I opened was last century. There is not a single basketball card in the binder. I would guess the last basketball pack I ripped was the same time as football. The binder is probably 90% baseball and 10% hockey (and 2% butter scotch ripple). The start of football, with the replacement refs, reminded me that hockey starts soon. At least, IT FRIGGING SHOULD! Both sides need to stop being jerks and make the deal happen. That being said, the other card I was thinking of featuring is one of the hockey cards in the binder. But I think I'll hold that card off for a week or so and instead, showcase a card with a player that knows what a ball player should look like.

I do my little turn on the catwalk.  One the catwalk, yeah

Josh Outman, who I believe is currently a Rockie, knows how to work the stirrup. I have talked before about the look of a MLB player. Pajamas look like crap. High cuffs rule.

We clear? Good. 

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