Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Working in the garden

Gonna start this by stealing an image from Matt's Heartbreaking Cards blog (or whatever the hell he's calling it these days), cuz he's halfway across the world and can't stop me!

Ukraine mobsters don't frighten me, Flaten!

 So what did I finally complete? Behold the wonder of Flora of the World:

While only 5 cards large, this was a limited insert at one per hobby box. Which is weird since I got turned on to this set from a blaster box pull. So I guess Topps made a slight error. It happens once in a great, great while, so they are forgiven. Or sorry - I had my sarcasm hat on. My bad.

Flora of the World? DONE! On to 2012's People of the Bible, Giants of the Deep and Man's Best Friend. You really should check my want list. Go on...I'll wait.

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