Friday, August 16, 2013


I hope to goodness Google Translate is correct. It should read "this is an awesome trade". If not, may I offer my humble apologies to any Japanese readers if I called your mother a warthog.

We cut you slack this time, Yankee!

Anyway, say you have a Mark Texixiera relic just collecting dust and someone emails you with an offer of some Japanese Sega Card Gen White Sox for it. That is known in the business as "SWEET".

Blogging dot YEAH!

An email from a non-blogger (to my knowledge) came in - Hayashi, or as his signature stated - Zippy Zappy. ZZ didn't just stop with the Card Gen - oh no. That would have made this a very fair trade. Nope - Zippy piled on the cards, and man do I owe the guy big time. He says no. Yeah Zippy, you just wait, buddy. Zippy Zappy filled the envelope with wonderful goodies. The best part was all the Bowman. I don't buy a lot of the prospect cards - not what I purchase. To each their own. Except you Red Wings collectors. Something is seriously wrong with you guys. I have scientific proof of that. 

 Read that? "Hockey card experiment guy". In 14 point Helvetica so you know it's truthful. 

 Now, I will have to do some research, but Zippy Zappy gave me beauts like these.

All purple-y and chrome-y. And he didn't stop with the standard sized prospects.

MIIIIIINNNNNNIIIIIIIISSSS! (Royalty check in the mail, Night Owl). And the best of the envelope?

I know, not quite Far East, are they? Let me flip the cards....

Oishī!!! Too bad I missed the Japanese class at the community center over the summer. Oh wait...

BAM!!! Zippy Zappy did his best to translate the Japanese to English. For the record, ZZ - you nailed the language. Your grasp is better than you think. Why can't other traders go the extra mile on trades and help me with my 4th grade reading level? I'm looking at you, Kerry (whom I randomly selected from my trade address Excel file). 

Thanks a bunch, Zippy Zappy. And now, for your listening and viewing pleasure, I spent 40 minutes or so searching You Tube for some J pop. I have no idea what they are singing about. And I don't care.

Oh, we are so having a talk when you got home from work.


  1. LMAO I'm glad you liked the cards but the song you posted is actually a K-Pop (Korean Pop song).
    I'd "recommend" typing AKB48 - Heavy Rotation for random J-Pop if you have the time.

  2. Watching KBSWorld is paying off and I was just going to say the same as Zippy Zappy, the SISTARs are from South Korea.

    Are those cards to play same SEGA game?

    1. Either of you need to head over to Google and have them fix their YT search. I put in "J Pop" and then I just picked something. Maybe I'll do a special post of just Japanese artists.