Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting lost

The best part about blogging and then getting caught up in the trading from the blogging is all the cards that come into the house. The worst part about blogging and then getting caught up in the trading from the blogging is all the cards that come into the house. BTW - I copy and pasted that last line so they would match. I figured I owed you, the reader, the honest truth when I cut corners because of sheer laziness.

I leave the shells on and call it "Angel food crunch cake".

This temp position downtown at the Mart is killing my blogging, which means the cards pile up, and then I forget who they are from. That wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't already scan some cards and then put said cards of in the general direction they would go in my continued pathetically lame attempt to be organized.  

Looooooo-king good there, Jeff.

Case in point. I have these scanned and I cannot remember who to thank.

Bowman Sox. I remember intentionally scanning them short because I thought up some witty remark about the extended size of these cards. I should write stuff down.

Then I fixed the scanner setting for batch 2. Now, I may or may not have had a humorous remark to go along with this scan. I will say you see a beardless Black Jack on the right. But I only say that in observation, and because I need to pad out this post in some fashion. Raise your hand if I am putting you to sleep. 

The package did have this rainbow. Now, I know I choose these because I am working on the Beckham rainbow, and I would make that reference by showing these three. However, I notice a bigger issue. See, the setting of my blog has a black border around each image. You can see that. When I enter my text and images, though, it's got the Blogger white background. And in that, I can tell I never reduced the size of this image because there is a slight bit of black on the far right. You can't see it, but I can. So not only did I forget who sent me these cards, and forget my witty banter, but I forgot to correctly crop and reduce the size of these scans. Let me fix the other three scans....

Ok - that's better. Smaller, so I don't blow out the Blogger image bucket too fast. Lot of nice cards in this package. Check out the Negro League cap Ozzie is sporting. Before they went full throw back.

All horizontal. I was going somewhere with these cards as well. But it probably would have been a crappy joke. 

Since this is the final scan, it would be my standard "best of the pack" scan. Pretty awesome best too - Reed rookie (one of the few ChiSox highlights this season), a gold Jackson and a Turkey Red Alexi. Oh wait - I should have dug more on my desk - Junior Junkie sent these to me. While I filed the cards away, the note he included is still messing up my desk. It's all coming back to me now. It was this one winter evening....


  1. I got a package today, and the blogger I traded with kindly put his screen name on the envelope, so I could find him.

    I got a package yesterday, and I have no idea where to find that person's blog. I remember initiating the trade and vaguely what I sent out, but I cannot for the life of me find the blog post I read that sparked the trade.

    1. I found him, thanks to the followers list on your sidebar. Thanks!

  2. Love that song. Always wanted to know who sang it. Thanks for sharing.