Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rainbow update

I really wish the rainbow was the only update I had (as evident by the stacks of cards on my desk). I have a lot of scanning, a lot of posting, and a lot of honoring sitting around me in stacks from great and small. However, the union says it's too late for a bunch of scans and I am only permitted one, so here it is.

The emerald and the blue came courtesy of Chris over at Old Foul Cardboard, who better get his tail back to his blog or else. Yeah - I know you're reading. Just do it. The orange, which I had no idea existed when I first started the quest, came from eBay. I guess the boxed sets have special orange parallels. Ok - whatever. (cough)Toppsmoneygrab(cough). Just glad I saw it in my searches and could nab is for a couple bucks.

So that fills three slots on the binder page. I updated the rainbow needs on the WANTS page up above. I am hoping one of you have the purple Toys R Us parallel as I can't seem to see any of those on eBay or COMC. And to those that view the videos I post, I apologize in advance for sticking this song in your head. In my defense, I never held a gun to your skull and made you click the play button, so it's all your fault.


  1. I used to buy packs at Toys R Us, but their prices no longer compare favorably to the other box stores.

    Good luck on tracking down that purple parallel.

  2. Guilty as charged..Baseball officially ended today..I should get better.

  3. Nice rainbow. That song reminds me of my years working at the preschool. They would always play that song... but it wasn't Kermit singing. I'm pretty sure it was Kenny Loggins on their CD.