Monday, August 19, 2013

One. Little. Job.

Back again with another installment of "Really, Topps? Com'on!" It's seems appropriate that I would post this card at this time. In fact, I would have talked about this yesterday, for reasons soon to be clear, but I had a post scheduled. It was a catch up post. Get the punch line: "because he couldn't  ketchup"? And the song referenced was in Heinz commercials? Anybody....

Sure. Ok. I'm gonna go wash my hair now.

Anyhow, yesterday, my wife allowed me a blaster of A&G. I even had her choose the winning box.

I'm certain this bat is a game used Pelè relic.

Well.....let's say it's good set filler. However, this card stood out.

Nothing wrong with the front, which is usually NOT where Topps screws up. So let's turn it over...

I told you it was appropriate for yesterday. But it shouldn't take long to find the problem. Need a little help? Ok, for the sake of eyesight, here it is.

Holy crap, Topps. IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!! You didn't need math, like all the 2013 flagship backs that show you can't do simple subtraction. You simply had to proof read seven words prior. For the record, the referenced event is dated correctly - the first soap box derby was on the 19th. So, who out there has the "Across the Years" for August 19th? What does the back read? If the 8/19 card is correct, then Topps needs to stop messing up. It's not there isn't a selection of events for the 18th they could pick from. Personal 10 year old boy giggle fav: 1992.

Lastly, they screwed up one of the birthdays. They really should have listed my daughter on this card instead of say Felipe Calderon. Yeah - she turned 18 yesterday. Show me mercy.


  1. Personally, I think you have stumbled upon a small piece of the A&G code this year... For real... ;)

  2. Hey buddy. You're up in my draft. Please take a visit and make a pick.