Friday, December 6, 2013

And Black Friday is over.

Well, Black Friday came and went this year. The only thing left was to collect the loot I had purchased. Thankfully, my Blowout Cards purchase and my COMC purchase came in on consecutive days. If you recall, I picked up two boxes of 2008 UD Masterpieces (retail) from Blowout at $15 a box, and I made a 40 card purchase from COMC for $27. First....COMC.

Via their free shipping, I picked up a lot of set needs. Like these three for the '08 A&G set.

Always sucks when a set need is some high priced rookie card. Even worse when 50% of the bloggers follow the team but never seem to make an offer to trade you one. THANKS A LOT! Just kidding, guys. But these three leave me one card short of the 2008 set. I had actually bought it via Sportslots, but the seller forgot to include it. Got the refund, but wish I had gotten the card. Oh well - reorder.

Three cheap short prints for the 2013 GQ set. Still have a way to go with that one, though.

This is the only card I picked for my Petrick PC. It's even shinier than the scan. I completed 3 A&G mini sets through COMC: 2010's National Animals (I'm not going to scan all 50 cards - use the innerwebs if you want to see them all), 2012's Giants of the Deep...

...and 2012's Man's Best Friend.

I like these two sets a lot, so it's great they are complete. The biggest part of the COMC purchase started with this card.

That is the final base card I needed to complete the 2001 UD Hall of Famers set, the first want list I put on this blog. I didn't stop with the base set.

I completed all the inserts as well, including the Class of '36 set,

So nice having this one off the list. I will slowly work on all the relics in the set. Key word: slowly.

And not to get too much of an intro, here are videos of the two boxes of Masterpieces from Blowout Cards. Special off camera cameo by my wife in video #2.

Here's the scans of all the hits.


All but the Clemente are available for trade. 

That was a good Black Friday for me. Definitely will be watching for more box prices to get some ripping in. If only I could find a box of 2008 UD Goudey at a good price. 

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  1. I just need the Ruth to complete that "Class of '36" insert set myself. Even though it was only five cards, I still think it's one of the more beautiful series ever produced. UD Hall of Famers as a whole was an awesome set.

  2. If the framed Reyes is a /50 that is one I would be interested in.... assuming the braun is a /125

    oh and let me know if there are any other ginter insert mini sets u are working on...i am loaded up on inserts to trade. I am going to have to look into that UD hall of famers set...never seen it before.

  3. ok I watched both of your videos... your base set is 1-90 with 91-120 are SPs... looked like I saw 3 SPs in box 1 and 5 in box 2.... and the interesting thing to me was that both packs with relics only had 1 other card and it was a SP in each one. Also of note is the black frame is a bit more common than the red frames. I may have a few of the SPs to send your way as well. If all the retail boxes ended up like those...esp the 2nd one...I would be buying a case of those things....alas they do not...i believe the masterpieces king iamjoecollector told me he had one retail case with not a single framed card.... those are odds that i wouldnt want to run into. nice break and ended up being a great purchase!!!

  4. If you don't get the Masterpieces base set, I have a ton of dupes. If I have anything you need I can send it your way.

  5. If you want to include that Reyes CoC as part of the thank you for the Konerko tribute, that's fine with me.