Sunday, December 1, 2013

A well spent blaster.

Not sure how many of you read the blog Shoebox Legends. It's mostly a hockey site run, and the blogger (wish I knew his name) has a reoccurring post "that's why I don't by blasters". Basically, take that $20 and spend it on something old and frigging awesome. Yesterday, I hit my usual card show and spent just over $20. Call it a blaster with tax (and a stick of Slim Jim).

Oh Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!

I basically raided a couple dime boxes, some 3 for a buck vintage boxes and then a couple big purchases. And by "big" I mean the most expensive single card bought cost two bucks. I bought two cards at that price point. So here are my spoils. 

Found about a dozen Sox I didn't have - ten cents per. I like the giant Frank Thomas. That Ventura is actually a blue frame around the image. Without the scan, the Konerko would be really hard to read - bad foil. And a nice, Action Packed of Minnie Minoso. 

Found a few cards for current sets. Two 2011 A&G inserts. And the Pence happens to be a short print. Yup - a 10 cent SP. SCORE!

A few binders will be getting new additions. These two go into the broken bat collection. 

Three new throwbacks. I have yet to see that Cleveland throwback on cardboard before. 

A good amount of players laying one down. Dion does not look like a ball player.

Found a lot of double play cards. Great representation from HOF players like Ripken...


Hopefully soon to be Biggio. 

Alomar and shoe in Jones. HOF for you. But the largest DP haul came from this guy.

Wizard of Oz turned a lot of double plays on cardboard. All total, I bought 84 cards from the dime boxes - 8 bucks. A lot are going out to other collectors. My favorite vintage dealer was there. He has a killer 3 for a dollar box. I cleared out all the '64s in there. Another dealer also runs a 3 for a buck box. I pulled 30 vintage cards total - $10 bucks. A small sample.

Not sure what person wrote on that Thomas. It is definitely not his autograph. Some of the other vintage...

How can you pass up a sober-ish looking Dock? I love that star Hamilton puts in his autograph. A nice miscut for the binder. And two sweet Post cards for 33 cents a piece. So I am at $18 total. When I first walked in the show, there was a vendor I had not seen before. Well organized, and he had this bargain box of old cards. Some were well out of what I would want to spend, but I found three cards I was willing to purchase. 

A gently loved and off center Preacher Roe from 1954. Love his expression. Love it even more when this card cost me one dollar.

Dig this card. According to the back, it's a 1953 Mother's Cookies PCL card. The moment I saw the Hollywood Stars uniform, I had to buy it. I was very happy when I turned it over and saw the price was just two bucks. I hope this seller has more of these for the same price.

My last two dollar purchase was this beat up little number.

It's just too difficult to pass up any original Goudeys. Stewart was an average player in the league. Once he placed 20th in MVP voting. Nothing remarkable. But $2 for an 80 year old card is fine with me.

So grand total spent was $23 dollars. My haul blows any blaster out of the water.


  1. That definitely beats a blaster any day of the week. Finding any Goudeys for two bucks is pretty darn nice.

  2. I dig that Hollywood Stars card. I have been on the hunt for an old school Stars hat. I will get one eventually. Great purchases!

  3. Yep, you did good. I still love seeing those Colt 45 uni's.

  4. Key Dodgers there. Any one of them would blow 5 blasters out of the water.

  5. I thought you did ok until you got to the vintage, then I teared up a little. Those things are amazing in any condition! That is blaster money well spent indeed.