Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tis the Season: Would you take my friggin' minis already!?

OK, before we get to the first giveaway of the season, I forgot a couple things on my Black Friday post yesterday. Yes, I did get a full base set out of the Masterpieces. I did a breakdown of the two boxes. Box 1 had a total of 94 cards, 6 were dupes within the box. I had the one brown frame Clemente numbered 35/100 and the Reyes relic. The box also had one damaged pack with 5 cards. Fortunately, all the damaged cards were duped in box 2. Box 2 has a total of 91 cards, 4 were dupes within the box. I had three color frames - red Gwynn, black Bruan, and blue Reyes numbered  24/50, plus the Ramirez relic. When I combined the boxes, I came out with a full set of the 90 card base. Of the 30 short prints, I received 10, leaving me to find 20 SPs. I also has a stack of dupes which I will probably throw in with the card dump, so sign up.

Ok - on to the business at hand. If you have been coming here for a while, you recall the "Take My Minis" link at the top. It's gone, right? So is the "Take My Parallels". The parallels are going to go out in packages with the card dump as well (see - you REALLY should sign up).  For you noobs and those with a short memory, I bought almost a thousand minis from my LCS a while back. I have been slowly trading off what I can, and frankly, let's just dump the rest. So I took what was left and separated it into to piles.

It's the two you see on the middle and right of that picture. I did my best to not have dupes in the piles, so you should get a nice mix of Ginter, Ginter inserts, Ginter borders and backs, Kimballs and some Golden Age. And no, the mini of McCutchen is not there for show, he and his partners in the bag are also going to bigger and better places. In that bag is a stack of 30 or so of the 87/71/75 minis Topps has put in their recent releases. I liked them, but it's way too daunting a task to collect the sets. I think there are just two of the 71s in there and the rest is a mix of the 75 and 87s.

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to pick a number. Not just any number, mind you.

Here are three gold parallels. The Frieri is for the McCutchen, Neshak for the middle stack and Smith for the far right. You can guess on ALL THREE! Simply comment with the player's last name and the serial number of the card. Closest to the actual number wins the stack.  It's that simple. Yes, you may win all three if your guessing skills are amazing. And before you hunt for a cached version of the parallels page - these three cards were never listed, so close that tab and use your telepathic skills. I will let this giveaway run until Dec 11th at 5pm CST. I'll announce the winner that evening.

One quick update about Tis the Season - I will ship when all the giveaways end and the card dump signup closes. So if you win something, just hang tight. I'll get all the cards out to everyone in January or February. Maybe March....who really knows. Besides my wallet.

So, is that last number a 9? Maybe 4?


  1. Frieri = 1387
    Neshak = 412
    Smith = 1931
    Yikes. With my luck as of late, I probably just guessed three correct numbers, but in the wrong order.

  2. Frieri: 1600
    Neshak: 800
    Smith: 1000

  3. Frieri: 100
    Neshak: 200
    Smith: 300

  4. Frieri = 89
    Neshak =500
    Smith = 400

  5. Frieri - 1017
    Neshek - 717
    Smith - 1707

    thanks for the contest,

  6. Frieri: 2001
    Neshek: 2
    Smith: 1286

  7. Frieri: 1219
    Neshek: 219
    Smith: 1028


  8. Frieri:1301
    Neshek: 992
    Smith: 1402


  9. Frieri: 201
    Neshek: 155
    Smith: 1,020


  10. Frieri: 56
    Neshek: 111
    Smith: 232

  11. Frieri 476
    Neshek 37
    Smith 336

  12. Honestly, I didn't even read this post, I'm just commenting in line with some of these comments, no idea why..
    Neshek: 889
    Smith: 1224

  13. Frieri: 1601
    Neshak: 1118
    Smith: 1227

    Thanks! And I filled out the Great Card Dump form, and just selected the Cards as my 3rd team because, well... I don't know. Not really a Cards fan. Mostly need Tigers and Jays, and any other cards from any team you can send me ;) And player PC: Jose Iglesias, Trevor Bauer, Avisail Garcia, and Miggy :)


  14. Frieri: 1648
    Neshak: 1135
    Smith: 427

    Awesome Jeff, Thanks for the fun!!!

  15. Frieri: 922
    Neshek: 922
    Smith...umm 922


  16. frieri= 575
    neshak= 405
    smith= 356

    Thanks Jeff for the contest

  17. Frieri: 1251
    Neshek: 1473
    Smith: 589

  18. Frieri:1838
    Smith: 1838

  19. Frieri - 1414
    Neshek - 1212
    Smith - 707