Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TIs the Season: who collects this crap?

Just under 24 hours left to get in your guesses in the mini card giveaway. I will say this: no one has guessed ANY of the cards exactly, so you still have a chance to swoop in and steal a stack from the current leaders.

Ok - I said I would run these giveaways whenever I felt, so let's start another before I close the first. For those that know, care, or haven't fallen asleep yet reading this, I collect baseball and hockey. Otherwise, I pass on those other big sports.

'Cept I like me them de Cambo SSP rookie cards!

The only reason I have newer football or basketball cards in my boxes are from my LCSs pack wars. Oh, and a few from those $1 repacks at the dollar store. I really don't care who is in there unless I pull a hit, and I try to pawn those off as soon as I can. So, who wants some stacks of cardboard?

Yeah, that's a Blanton on the stack of basketball cards. I didn't pull any serialed cards to use for this contest, so I figured I drum up an easy 163 guesses from all you Dodger bloggers on that stack alone. Same as usual - guess the serial on the back and win the stack. If you look close at the football stack, there is some Lion card numbered to 99 right on top. Plus there's a Cutler - you take the good with the bad folks. Hit up the comments and list Blanton and/or Falcons and then the number. Closest takes them home. Someday, I'll dig through the shoe boxes of early 90s basketball and football and see who wants any. Someday I'll also finish that dissertation about the potential energy of the sun.