Saturday, May 3, 2014

After school

If you grew up in the Chicagoland area in the 60s thru the late 80s (basically precable and OnTV), you had two choices when you got home from school. If it was April-June, or early September, since they never played beyond the first week of the 9th month, you could usually find a Cubs game on channel 9 WGN. Otherwise, you flipped on WFLD Channel 32 (a Kaiser company!) to watch the block of children's programming. With choices like Hanna Barbara, Tom & Jerry, the Monkees, Woody Woodpecker, the Brady Bunch, the Partridge Family, etc..... you were set to not move from in front of the boob tube until after 6pm.

I'm sure my knowledge of a lot of these cartoons and their time frame on television puts me at the higher end age wise for some of the bloggers here. I'm fine, cuz that was a great time to enjoy characters like Magilla Gorilla, Squidly Diddly, Blabbermouth and a host of other unique personalities. But don't call me gramps around here.

But still, stay the hell off my lawn!

I had planned to get this post up yesterday, but my time was really tight. So I thought I would have some fun with a Ricochet Rabbit type of post. But since I ended up having to rush out to get my wife over to the rehab center to visit her mom, I didn't get a single letter typed. Being that it's early AM and I have time, I think we will Deputy Droop-a-long this post now.

Good ol' Night Owl dropped a package to me a week or more ago. You know when the address is from upper NY, there will be goodness within, and as usual Greg did not fail. Since I already had that Squires in my DP binder, that dupe will now go in with the throwbacks. And Bippings are permitted when you are missing the card from your collection.

Glossy Fleers. Love love love the Spring Training background behind Durham.

Vintage is a guarantee in a Night Owl envelope. As are minis. I figure, at this rate, I should have a complete White Sox '75 mini set in about 2 years without purchasing a single card. Those 9 would make for a great envelope as always from Greg. And then these came out.

A beautiful 1/10 silk of Dye is pretty sweet. First silk A&G in my collection. And look at the miscut of Pinson. The joy of it is seeing that the card below it was printed 180 degrees on the sheet. Anyone with their mad skills know which Yankee pitcher that was below Vada?

Want to put just one card in a envelope and make it a great card? AJ from The Lost Collector did just that with this Bowman Chrome Crede. I lost out on this very card two weeks ago on Listia. Now I have it. Umm....did you outbid me, AJ?

For my complete lack of any knowledge on college sports, I seem to do okay when Kerry runs his contests at Cards on Cards. I didn't win the March Madness bracket challenge, but I finish tied for 2nd, which netted me a couple nice cards from Kerry's collection. He picked out this sweet SportFlix Thomas and a swell Sale that went right to the throwback binder. If that blue was just a little darker, it would really work with the navy of the uniforms. That's ok.

Lastly, John from Johnnys Trading Spot sent over a group of cards. I had won the letter "D" in a random draw, so I got a nice load of ChiSox players with the last name of D. I love that framed Durham in the upper right. But then John slipped one more card in the envelope.

There is not a D to be found on that card. And that is a good thing, cuz you would have to deface it to get one on there. Man, that is an amazing piece of vintage, and the condition is incredible. Plus that old Yankee Stadium background seals it.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, and watch out for gangs of 10 year old girls in go go boots.


  1. I would have to go to my friend's house to watch shows like that after school. My parents didn't have that many channel choices. How did we possibly live?

  2. It was a Listia win! But it was a while ago.