Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brought to you by...

Who was the kind hearted blogger that sent me everything you are about to see? I could name names, and link links, but instead I will start with the scans and let you play along in trying to figure out who sent the stack of about 60 cards I received a week back.

It hurt carrying it in.

(side note: don't search "sore back" on Google images. Just trust me and keep reading.)

Let's start with the White Sox.

About a dozen ChiSox in the envelope. Borchard was a bust, but that Rowand more than makes up for it. That is a hell of a use of the horizontal format. Next, some throwbacks.

Fourteen total. Grienke was a recent virtual dime box loss, so a nice freebie. Look at the beauty of high cuffs. Those are ballplayers. Moving to the squeeze play.

A lucky 13 of these favorites, including my first NOT two and a half by three and a half entry into the bunting binder by the Vince Coleman sticker. The Garcia is the rare double card, being a bunt and a throwback. I'll work on a dupe for the throwback binder. I would love to find a video of the Gagne bunt. I can guarantee by his hand position, he either popped it up or bunted it so hard he didn't advance the runner or get on base. In a ton of Baseball Reference research, Gagne has no sacrifice bunts in any of the games the Twinkies played in Baltimore during the 1991 season. In fact, he does have an at bat in a game on June 18th were he hits it back to the pitcher for a force out at 2nd. However, this was a Tuesday game, so I am thinking it was not a day game as the photo suggests. However, it was from the top of the 2nd, and those could be long shadows on the card. But enough digressing. Bring on the double plays!

Eighteen cards worth of the turn at second. This post will probably be the one with the most 1999 UD shown. Geeez those are ugly cards. Cameos of Robin Yount and Ricky Henderson, with a pre Jeter number wearing Wayne Tolleson on the Shumpert. And dig the facial hair on Schmidt.

Ok - did you guess? Do you know who sent me all this sweet cardboard? You probably have your thoughts, but let's tip it in with these last two cards as the final hint.

If the Hoyt doesn't give it away, you know that Drabek HAS to be a duplicate, cuz ain't no way Dime Box Nick would send me that card without having a copy of his own first. Thanks for all the wonderful binder additions.


  1. Always glad to send you some cards, Jeff. We'll have to try and hit the Orland show again soon.

    I agree, that Drabek is a riot. And the Rowand is one of my favorite horizontal shots EVER.

  2. Yup. I googled "sore back" before I read the post. And I'm probably not the only one...