Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The forgotten

I'm a forgetful man. Not the typical stuff, though. I am good in remembering all the stereotypical things television and movies claim all men forget. I know the date of my anniversary (July 12th), my wife's birthday (Oct 21st), my kid's birthdays (Nov 4th and Aug 18th). I know the day we bought our house (Feb 14th, 1997). I know this, because when we walked out of the closing, I turned to my wife and said "Happy Valentine's Day, hun. We're broke."

And yet, you still didn't get me flowers.

Hell - I still remember all the useless crap. Who knows that Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors used to be married? Why the hell do I still have this useless bit of information? Do you know I rat can tread water for three days and a full grown adult rat can fit through a hole the diameter of a quarter? Yeah - I know this. Not sure why, but this crap is in there, stored to be retrieved for I have no clue why.

It's the other stuff I forget. Really important stuff. Like mailing the mortgage check, calling the DMV, putting the clothes in the dryer, putting the meat in the freezer - simple, yet important stuff. My therapist said it's not that I don't care about all these things and purposely forget. It's that I am so conditioned in how I organize things, I fail to put these actions that I care about in a organized area to recall them later.

Still no flowers...

I have a few piles of cards to scan. I was about to scan some I received from a blogger a few days ago to post, and it's then I realized I have some scans I have yet to post on cards I received about a month ago. Shame on me. So before I scan, let's clear this folder out, all courtesy of Matt with the great blog Once A Cub.  Matt and I really don't trade anymore. We just build up stacks of cards and mail them whenever the pile is high enough. Matt's latest in my mailbox covered all my binders.

Leading off, how about some vintage? Better yet, how about some dime box vintage? Per Matt, he pulled a ton of White Sox vintage from a dime box in Virginia. Everything you see, I needed, plus a bunch more I did not scan. Man - that Dick Allen is a gorgeous piece of cardboard.

There was a large group of cards with players bunting. The joy of these specific three? I recently lost virtual dime box auctions on them all within the past 6 weeks on ebay. And now, I don't care that I did. 

Biggio hot pack envelope! Matt hit the jackpot with the dime boxes, pulling a large amount of double play cards I needed. Love the cameos on the cards with Joyner and Brogna.

A few posts back, I commented that Night Owl was my supplier of 75 ChiSox minis. Well, no more, as Matt scored a couple of those as well. And yes, that Campbell mini is just what you see - a glorious miscut. That wasn't the only miscut in the package.

WOW!!!! That is one bad box of 1975 Topps right there. A nice 74 miscut. And yup - upper left is actually a football miscut. Now, I don't collect any football, but I am going to give a pass on this beaut, mainly cuz that is a killer afro and mutton chops on Mr. Hill. Into the binder it goes!

So sorry it took so long, Matt. I do appreciate what you, and everyone for that matter, sends. My brain doesn't function well all the time.


  1. The White Sox I usually send are pretty much a crap shoot on whether you have them or not but I figured you wouldn't hate some nearly 40 year old stuff.

    And with this one in the books, the next one will be on the way!

  2. I could copy and paste that same post.

  3. You're one step ahead of me. At least you remember important birthdays. I have no idea what I'd do without my iPhone.