Saturday, May 31, 2014

Zappin' and stampin'

A couple recent envelopes here in 2x3 HQ. First off, good ol' Zippy Zappy from Cervin' up Cards dropped a minor bomb on me.

Pew! Pew!

Zippy dropped a nice assortment spanning years and teams. How about this quad?

I hope for a three game win streak after tomorrow, but I know the Rangers should be scared sh*tless with whomever gets the Campbell Bowl. It's been an amazing conference final up until now.

Some sweet vintage from Zippy, including the 1980, 1978 and 1965 team cards. Man, that '65 is gorgeous. The zapping could have ended there, but then the big weapon was brought out.

Oh. Baby. Thanks a bunch for the zapping, Zippy. 

My in-state buddy Weston (in-state being a meager 4 hours) asked about a card I pulled in my Panini PastTime box a while back. I mailed it and said "just send back whatever - I know you are good for it". I received 3 cards from him today, with a note hoping these were the equivalent. Let's jundge.

Hell of a start there. Like the greens from last year's Topps. Love the bronze framed GQs, and I needed this Thomas. And the last card?

Ummmm...... I guess you did an okay job.

Who am I kidding - you nailed it! Dang, these manu-stamps are really gorgeous. I know about the original '62 stamps. I never knew about these. I'm calling this much more than equivalent. I owe you, Weston. Seriously.


  1. Glad to see that you got the cards safely :).

  2. Love the Heritage stamps.. Were there any redsox issued