Saturday, September 6, 2014

Going and coming.

Before I dive back into the scan folder, I did make a visit to my local (5 miles away) post office and drop a dozen or so PWEs in the box, all stamped up with some old timey stamps. So for you in Club PWE, keep an eye out for some cards. A few of the envelopes also went to folks I just drop things on at random.

Special delivery!

I am not sure if my outgoing PWE is equal to the incoming quantity. In a perfect world I am sending more than I am receiving. I can tell you I sent out more than the three I am showing off. So today, I am at least four time better than all of you.

 No pretty girl riding a bomb image for you, ya slackers!

First up  we have Chris over at the awesome Nachos Grande. Makes me hungry every time I type it. I think I sent over some Reds cards he needed and he sent back...

...a nice group of Heritage set filler and a few of his friend's amazing custom A&Gs. I am jealous of how amazing they are. Thanks for everything. Chris.

Next up is Jim of GCRL, one of the extremely rare Dodger fans on the innerwebs. Really - where are you guys? Jim dropped me a few cards for my binders.


...and double plays. And more bunters! Dig that dead ivy behind Valbuena. Thanks Jim!

Last is the one and only Night Owl Greg. Yes - another endangered species of Dodger bloggers. We really need to find out why there are so few left. 

Greg is always good for a mish-mash of cards, as evidenced with two current cards and an '83 Fleer sticker in the center. I must have been on Greg's mind at some show he visited recently when this came out of the envelope.

MAMA PAJAMA! That's an incredible miscut. About 25% misaligned from the machine. Gorgeous. Much appreciated, Greg.


  1. That miscut '64 puts me in hysterics every time I see it.

  2. Seeing Konerko cards makes me a little sad, knowing that he's retiring at the end of this year. He's a guy that I'd like to see continue on in card sets post-career, but he seems to get very little recognition outside of Chicago. Easily my favorite player who never spent time on the Padres.

  3. I received your Club PWE package earlier in the week. Actually... it was a Club Padded Envelope package. Should have a thank you post up on the blog later this afternoon... and a "right back at'cha" package in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for the cards!

  4. now take that casilla off of your most wanted list!

  5. Awesome miscut! I added you to my blogroll: