Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hits - They're not just from packs anymore.

I like a nice auto, relic or serial card like most of the rest of us do. I don't actively search them out. Sure - when I pick something up at my LCS I will give the box a look over, but I won't pack search. I have my favorite side of the box (left) and favorite quadrant (upper). I'll grab the packs, turn them to the side and give them an eyeball. With all the blanks inserted, you are still crap shooting for a relic card. And the packs with auto cards look like all the rest. I'm mostly just trying to use the Force in my purchase decision.

Pictured: 2x3 Heroes exercise regime.

How does that work? About as well as you can expect. It's still luck of the draw. While I have pulled my fair share of hits, I am not the minority when very few of the hits fit my collection. Sure, I have kept some cool items, but I rarely pull White Sox or Blackhawks. I can count on one hand the amount of Sox and Hawks cards in my binder I actually removed from a pack (3 - a Frank Thomas jersey and two Blackhawks relics). 

Fortunately, other bloggers seem to pull the cards I like, and then generously send them to me. Or if not pulling, finding at a greatly reduced price. Matt from Bob Walk the Plank, who is worth hating for the simple fact of having the best damn blog name out there, sent me four cards a couple weeks back. 

This is my second hope diamond parallel ChiSox card. I never even know of them until I saw one posted on another blog. My first came from Weston (I believe). There is just something about these I like. Not the low print run, per se. I think the color looks.....nice.

W00t! A nice Iguchi swatch for the player collection. I have a couple autographs, but I had yet to add a relic to the binder. It was not high priority, but needed. Well... needed no more.

Another White Sox blue swatch. I have a hidden agenda to acquire at least one of every card released with a Chicago American Giants throwback. So yes - if you see one, I would be interested in it. I should get up a page showing what I have. (Great idea Jeff cuz you have so much frigging free time!)

And lastly is this gem. I have a bat card from A&G of Paulie, but the color on this card works so well. Say what you want about 2007 Topps - the White Sox cards looked gooooooooood.


  1. Nice Konerko, I haven't seen that one before.

  2. I'm glad Star Wars Kid and myself can be featured on the same post!