Friday, September 5, 2014

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I've got a lot of cards in my scan folder. Cards that I have received from numerous bloggers over the past couple weeks. I try to keep a decent track of what I have received and from whom. I take time to pick out the nicest cards in the pack to talk about and thank the sender for thinking of me.

I have one set of scans that have been sitting in the folder a good three weeks. And I think the cards sat on my desk at least a week before I scanned them. They have been in there this long as I have struggled to "present" them.

If you notice, I tend to blog in a style that may be hard to pin down. Weird, strange, unique...find the words. The main goal is to have fun when I blog, in whatever fashion I can. Usually, I get struck with an idea, and then plot a way to make it come to fruition. Google searches, images, links - whatever I need to pull it all together.

Like some bright lavender flowers to compliment the header.

However, I am drawing a blank on these cards from Mark at Battlin' Bucs. It's great to have a Pirates fan to send card to (along with Matt). I think Mark and I are at the "just sending cards back and forth" stage, because I can't recall if this package was from a trade. Some greatness in there, but I am not sure of a wacky way to present them.

Mark sent a nice bunch of Blackhawks. Graham rocked a mustache that Ron Swanson would be jealous of. But how to build a post about them?

Some nice shiny Bowman White Sox were in the envelope. I love that Jenks Chrome in the center.I'm not sure what pithy thing I can say about Bowman.

Soon to be retired Paulies. And all cards I have never seen before. But if I am going to make this post funny, I need to work "battle" into this section. Or "buc". Something...

Additions to my player collections. It's always strange to see Crede with long pants. Err.....

Battlin' Buehrle!!!!! No, that doesn't work at all.

Mark also included a nice White Sox auto of a prospect that never panned out. Mark, thank you so much for the cards, even if I didn't really figure out how to show them off. 

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