Saturday, September 20, 2014

See you in 4 years

So Germany hoisted the World Cup trophy this year. BTW - side note - it needs a cool name like the previous Jules Rimet trophy. Anyway, that makes for another tournament down and off to Russia in 2018. Let's hope they get things in order before the start compared to their bad showing for the Olympics.

Luckily, Wes from JayBarkerFan's Junk had another of his famous "I got a ton of really cool stuff, you should take some of it" deals going on. Calling it the World Cup of Trading, I was able to be the first commenter and jumped on a great card he was offering. I sent him a couple football swatch cards and a bunch of Braves. I ended up in the group of death, though, and didn't make it out of group play.

That's ok, because the best part is getting cards from Wes. Yesterday, he commented he is looking for a new bombing target, and part of me feels excited, and the other part is scared if I become his focus. Until he makes up his mind, let's see what we traded in this WC.

This is the card that started it. Having choice over all 32 offerings, it was too difficult to pass on an autograph of one of the all time greats. There are some players you need an autograph from, no matter who you cheer for. Gibson is easily on that list.

Wes always has a stash of White Sox. I think he has a stash of everything. Love that Pinnacle - the scan does no justice to it.

More ChiSox. I had zero of those cracked ice or whatever they call that parallel for Bowman. Nice to add a great player like Paulie.

That's not just Ron Kittle. That is OVERSIZED Ron Kittle. No one would wear those glasses nowadays.

Wes tossed in a nice bonus auto of Erik Johnson from Tier 1. Johnson needs to get his ERA down or consider becoming a relief pitcher. Love adding this card to my collection, though.

Thanks Wes. Maybe we do this World Cup of Trading more often? Maybe Shakira will do the theme song?


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    1. Bwa-hahahahaha! Let me answer that question for you... you should be BOTH excited and scared! Have fun!

  2. Love that Gibson card! I picked one up about a year ago.