Sunday, March 1, 2015

Theme Week: Spring Cleaning

I love all the theme weeks Chris of at Nacho Grande puts on. Whether it's Allen and Ginter, PWE or the recent (and still ongoing) Better Know a Blogger, Chris makes the week fin to visit his blog on a daily basis. Well, I'm stealing his idea for three reasons.

1) I really, REALLY need to clean out my scan folder. I have been graced with a lot of packages. Most have been sorted and scanned, but I still have a couple envelopes to organize and get images of before I put them away.

2) I like to have fun with my posts, but my mind is on a bit of a dry spell right now.

3) Holy shit am I sick of this weather! I am sure every single blogger that lives above the Mason Dixon line is sick of the cold, the snow, the winds.... I need something to remind me that all this white and deadness will be gone some day and replaced with warmth and green and shorts.

So I will do my best to get each and every packaged scanned and posted this week so that I can get to a couple regular post ideas I have been running through my brain. And I will tie them all up with some music to let us know that summer is coming soon.

Let's knock out a bunch of PWEs that I have received over the past few weeks. First off, JT from over at The Writer's Journey dropped a bunch of current Sox on me.

Best part is they are Opening Day. I had a couple JT sent, but all the others we needs. Someone remind me how the hell you break a foot getting out of a pickup? Anyway, thanks JT.

Next up, Robert from the entertaining $30 a Week Habit ripped some 2015 and put the inserts up to grab.

With these, and the recent card show, I am one card short of the First Pitch set. Anyone have a spare Tom Morello lying around? I put the one I had into the throwbacks binder. And if you have a spare Jack Black for the throwback binder, well.... Thanks again, Robert.

Jeff, who runs One Man's Jun (Wax), sent over a few Sox from a few different collections.

The Paulie in the middle, along with another in the envelope, dropped into the Konerko binder. A blood red foil for the Sox box, but the star was the numerous TCMA ChiSox Jeff sent. I have but a few - Jeff more than doubled that. There is a great simplicity in the TCMA releases. Appreciate the cards, Jeff.

Last, but no means least, if Fuji from Chronicles of Fuji. Now granted, three forever stamps may technically makes this a little more than a PWE, but a PWE it was.

Let's start with the card that was the reason for creating the baker's dozen common list on the right side. 1983 Fleer are hard to come by, but I figured someone had to have it. After being one of the original members of the most wanted, I finally get to remove Glenn from the list. Fuji then stepped it up.

How about a couple Be a Player autos? Fitzpatrick spent a year with the Hawks at the end of his career. Moreau is a diecut. He was a first round draft we sent to Edmonton, let's just not talk about that trade. Moving on.

More autos! We have a couple Dan Cleary's framing an auto of JP Dumont. JP was a promising young winger we stole from the Islanders who were having issues signing him. Then we just deal him away after 2 half seasons for Michal Grosek. Yeah - who - exactly. We got 14 games with 2 goals and 4 assists out of Groset. And Dan Cleary? Again - we are not talking about the trade with Edmonton. But I knew when we traded Cleary we made a huge mistake. And it seems Dan likes to remind us each time we play the Dead Wings, where he ended up after Edmonton. Thanks for all the ink, Fuji!

Ok - one day down. When I think warm, I think surf music. And when I think surf music, I think Los Straitjackets.


  1. If you want to send me an email, I have a spare Tom Morello hanging around that I'd be happy to send your way! tim dot trisomenc at gmail dot com

  2. Glad the Blackhawks arrived safely. Just put together a White Sox package for you. Should have it in the mail this week.