Sunday, March 8, 2015

Let me sum up.

For those that hung thru the many posts that showcased the generosity of so many bloggers and readers, I thank you . I really needed to get all those handled because I had fallen quite a bit behind, and felt guilty each day I didn't post anything that wasn't a thank you to someone. Now that I am done with that, I can move forward into doing other things. But what?

Maybe I can find my father's killer.
Since I have had so many additions to so many binders, I thought we'd take a quick look at how all my collections are shaping up.

My Konerko binder is filling up quickly. I currently sit at 248 unique cards, and five cards towards the 2015 rainbow, picking up this purple a couple weeks back. I missed out on a snow camo and kick myself each day. However, with that many Paulie cards I'll have to move it to a larger ring binder soon. My other player collections are increasing nicely. Crede, Iguchi, Petrick and Rowand are slowly adding cards. Fox has stalled, mainly because of prices. Wilks hasn't started for the same reason. I have plans to really hit Fox, Wilks, Lollar and Aparicio at the National in July/August.

The current totals of unique cardboard for my three main binders are as follows:

Double Plays - 842
Throwbacks - 633
Bunting - 780

The DP binder is figuratively bursting. I have the pages double filled, and there is maybe 5 or 6 more to fill. I'm picking up a new binder this weekend to move some pages. Each time I look at the numbers, I am surprised at the number of cards I have of each group. I never would have guessed the quantity I have (and have yet to acquire), but if pressed, I would have under shot the total.

TTMs have all but stopped. Then again, I haven't mailed anything for a couple months. Little disappointed on some I have out that have not returned. I'm trying to decide if I want to get a load ready for spring training this week. I think it would be a waste, but the way things have gone, why not. The Takatsu above is the latest addition to the 2005 Project. I have been watching a lot, but the only ones that would sell low were autos that Shingo signed quickly. His signature looks like garbage compared to this one. I picked this up with a buy it now on Ebay - much nicer, and it's on card.

So there we have it. All good stuff.


  1. Let me essplain.... No, there ees too much. Let me sum up.

    1. Great movie. I should really upgrade from VHS to DVD on that one.

  2. Jeff, I decided to kill my Bunt collection (360ish unique). You have a lot of them, after all I have sent you some of my doubles in the last year and a half (still have a couple hundred dupes too). If you want to work out a trade for them works for me, lmk.

  3. I'm also behind. But I do have a lot of DP's and Bunts to send you...

  4. Love the 2015 Topps Konerko card. Kudos to Topps for their photo selection.