Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Welcome to the crazy ward

I'm maybe middle aged when it comes to the blog world. I guess I just got out of my awkward teens years, finished a couple years at community college and getting my credits transferred to a state college. There are many more out there that have been around longer then me. The blog world is great, and if you have been on the fence to start one, just do it. Do a blog for you - not for anyone else. Have it be your little world with what you want to say. In time, readers will come and they will comment.

I love hitting up the Sports Card Blogroll maintained by JBAnama. There is always good reads to find through all the sites listed. There are some old timers that are missing, and would love to see them write again. But for the ones we lose, we pick up some newbies.

I'm fearful of people who are intellectually smarter than me so I lash out to cover my insecurities. Also, I desperately seek validation from my father but his failure to be an active part of my life causes me to reach out in anger at people I find inferior to myself.
Brian from Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary  has jumped into the blog world with both feet. And if we can have GCRL, Brian will for know be known as HSCA in my book. Brian recently ran a lower end box break of some older products, and the by in price was perfect - cards. Pick and team and send Brian Twins and other cards from his needs list. Brain - my "payment" goes out this weekned. I want to see what my LCS has in the way of Twin hits. I did pretty well in getting a lot of cardboard where the Sox box was lacking.

Ripped was '96 Pinnacle, '99 Fleer Ultra, '02 Topps Gallery, '02 Fleer Greats and '03 Stadium Club. Here's a small smattering of the ChiSox pulled. I did quite well in the Ultra, landing the Thomas insert and a Durham gold. Nice Tatooine of Magglio.

Two of these for the Konkero binder were pulled from the break. Man, Stadium Club had the photos. I need to complete some of those older SC sets. The yellow foil Brian added into the cards he shipped. Even better cards came my way from Brian.

A gold Garland 817/999, a Lee relic 77/150 and a sweet bronze Chrome 196/599. Man, I did not expect these three, and they are most appreciated. But then Brian went and did it. Finally some one stalked me around the comments threads enough and made my dream come true.

OH YEAH!!!! Mantle rookie, baby. You all can suck it! And look at the quality of that thing. I bet I could submit this and get like a 9 out of it. I just never realized how thin the card stock is of '52 Topps. It's almost like this is a reprint put on modern paper that was prin...... oh man. This is a reprint, isn't it? Brian - thanks for the cards, but I think I'm going to go and cry for a while.


  1. The shot on that Maglio is majestic. Thank goodness for Stadium Club!

  2. great break stuffs! Nice Mantle Reprint Card ;)

  3. Good call on HSCA. I can never remember the name of his blog. GCRL just rolls off the tip of my tongue, and now I'm going to start working on HSCA.

  4. It's totally the same size as a real 1952 Topps card, though! That's the kicker. HSCA works, I sometimes shorten it that way to make the name fit on the little chicken-scratched notes I send out with cards.