Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring Cleaning theme: just 3 left

If you are still visiting my blog, to read my attempts to clean out my scan folder, I think you. Really. Sometimes, posts that give thanks, while warranted and kind, can be a bit boring. And when you factor in that I'm doing the writing, it gets worse.

The super sad thing is I have not used my standard goto to get you readers interested - photos of my girlfriend.

HI!!! How ya doin'? We're gonna be pals!
Yesterday, I made reference to the USPS battle between Wes and Matt. I talked about collateral damage I received from Matt. Let's see how Wes aimed his sites at me when he wasn't mailing to Matt. This is actually a combination of two smaller mailings that came from Jaybarkerfan's Junk.

The usual load of White Sox were in there. While yesterday I got hit with a bunch of Buerhles, Wes sent me tons of Thomases. (+10 for the alliterations). Here's a few that I don't have in the Sox box. The Ultra on the left looks like a misprint in the scan

Here's three from what appeared to be an entire 1997 team set from the Nashville Sounds. The outsides are a couple of the players that had decent careers in the bigs. Only in a team set do you get card of the trainer. Greg does not look happy about something.

Fair amount of my Blackhawks were also to be had. One day, Champs will be a box I'll break. The first year of it's release is a set that rivals the '08 A&G release in it's simple beauty.

Mmmmmm....vintage. Wes did some damage to my 70's Sox team sets. Windbreaker under a uniform. I would LOVE to see a modern MLB player go with that look, if only in warm ups, with throwbacks this year.

Serialed cards from Wes. Even single Team Heroes card I have in my collection I received in the mail. I missed the boat on those packs - I like the design. Tribute - far too high end for my wallet. When it's free, though, call me down to play Plinko!

You all know that Wes loves to drop hits on people, so it's kind of weird to say "Phew - only three big cards from Wes". It sounds a bit....whiny or exhaustive, but it's nice in the sense that I have far less guilt from the awesomeness he sends. Anyway....

I like the basic design on the UD Artifacts, but those blocks are a bit weird. That Baines relic is a swatch from their batting practice uniforms, I'm certain.

I'll take any manufactured relic. I have zero "letters" in my collection, so this is the first relic I could use to spell out a word. Wes, as always, thanks for the mailings. I highly recommend you keep bombing Matt and leave me out of the war.